The Rock County Repeater Association


                                     President                                   Vice President                    Secretary/Treasurer

                                                                                      Bob Barker                           License Trustee

                                                                                                 K9BNR                                   Greg Niles


The Rock County Repeater Association, (RCRA), exists to:

       supply financial support for the repeaters owned and operated by members of the RCRA,

       provide emergency communications as needed in the public interest,

       fulfill the needs of its membership for local repeater facilities,

       promote fellowship in amateur radio through diligent efforts to adhere to FCC rules and regulations and the

           bounds of good taste.

Membership is open to any licensed amateur radio operator of good operating practices. 

Yearly membership cost:  $20.00.   Memberships expire 12/31/2016.     Send your check to Greg Niles-K9GJN.   


 Repeaters in Rock County, Wisconsin

Repeater      Output        Input           Offset     Tone Access*   Call    Sponsor                Access

Location   Frequency Frequency  Frequency  Frequency      Sign                                     and

City                  MHz            MHz                                Hertz                                                      Power


Beloit           147.120       147.720     + 600 kHz         123.0       WA9JTX                  Open, Emergency Power

Clinton         146.715         146.115    -  600 kHz         123.0       WB9SHS  RCRA      Open, Standard Power, Digital C4FM & Analog

Janesville    147.075       147.675    + 600 kHz         123.0      K9FRY      K9FRY    Open, Emergency Power

Janesville    145.450       144.850    -   600 kHz        123.0      WB9SHS  RCRA      Open, Emergency Power


Clinton        443.175        448.175     +   5 MHz          123.0      WB9SHS   RCRA      Open, Standard Power, Digital C4FM & Analog

Edgerton     442.300        447.300    +    5 MHz   Not Available N9QIP      W.I.N.      Closed, Emergency Power

Janesville   444.750        449.750     +   5 MHz         123.0      WB9SHS   RCRA     Open, Emergency Power


*  Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System, (CTCSS), is also known as Private Line (PL), Channel Guard, Quiet Channel, Call Guard, etc.

Fusion (Digital) Network:  443.175 Repeater in Clinton Monday 7:30 pm and Thursday 7:30.  All are welcome. 

The VHF and UHF Repeaters in Clinton use Yaseu's Digital Fusion System, C4FM.  Both repeaters can support Digital (C4FM) and Analog communications.

They automatically switch between C4FM and normal FM as needed.  Reception of C4FM transmissions are not decoded properly by normal FM units.

Historical Note:  In the late 1990's, the hams that put up the original Clinton repeater were:    Hap, WB9SHS (SK), Bob, K9BNR, Norm, WB9UBJ,

Dave, N9HF, and Bill, AG7V (SK).   They salvaged a tower from Walworth County.   A number of people dug the tower hole and poured the concrete.   Bob and Hap found a shack in Milton.   They put it on a trailer and pulled it down the back roads to the repeater location.

In August 2014, the Clinton 2 Meter Repeater received a new antenna.  It is mounted at 140 feet above the ground.   The tower work was done by Bryan, W9MUP, from Monroe, Wisconsin.  Check his data page on   The aluminum mounting bracket was constructed by WA9JLD, Lyndon.

The Gin Pole, a crucial tool, was provided by Conrad, W9DL.   A 440 MHz Repeater Antenna was also installed along with a Beacon Antenna for 220 MHz.  Other hams that assisted were:  Bob, K9BNR, Brett, K9BY, Chuck, WD9BB, and Greg, K9GJN.  

Clinton 2015 10:    New 443.175 antenna installed.  16 Bay, Folded Dipoles.

The Clinton repeater site is near Interstate 43 and Wisconsin Highway 140.

The Radio Shack for the Clinton Repeaters was renovated with new Siding, Dry Wall, etc, in 2016.

 Tower work by Bryan Waddell, W9MUP of Monroe, Wisconsin. 


Bryan has located a 10 Meter Beacon, on 28,295.8 KHz, W9MUP/B, on the Clinton Repeater tower.

Also at the Clinton location is a beacon on 222.058 MHz.  It has 5 Watts output to a Horizontal Loop antenna at the height of 100 Feet above ground level.   The call sign is N9HF.

Come join us, use the repeaters, and support (as you are able) the fund for maintaining the Rock County Repeaters. 


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