Greater Beloit Amateur Radio Club   ARRL Field Day 2017

2017 Field Day BARC Site Officer:  Greg Niles-K9GJN

Friday, June 23 5:00-8:00pm, we had Antenna Set up.   Saturday Morning, June 24, 8am Final Set Up of antennas, radio equipment and tents.    Field Day Operation was from Saturday 1:00pm through Sunday 1:00pm.

After Field Day, weTook Down the antennas, tent and loaded equipment in record time.

Location:  Janesville Fire Training Facility, 3000 County F, North Janesville, WI

Station Call:  K9BY  Extra Class Privileges (Station Call of Brett Johnson, BARC President)   

Operating Class:   3A   Three simultaneous stations, emergency power, and  a maximum of 150 Watts RF Out.                                                        (Normal operation:  one Operator and one Logging Person per station.)


Bands:  80 Meters:    Off-Center-Fed (OCF) 80 - 6 Meters (Not 15) 300 Watt rating

              40 Meters:      135 Feet (95' &45')  Seems to work best with internal Antenna Tuner Off.

              20 Meters:                                        Hex Beam 20 Meters

        15 & 10 Meters                                       Yagi Beam, 2 + 2 elements

Free Station:  6 Meters:                              Yagi Beam, 4 element

ARRL Field Day Map Locator:   Greg Niles-K9GJN

  Safety Officer, Logging, Satellite, Public Information Officer   Greg Niles-K9GJN

  Message Officer -------------------------------------------------------------    Bret Johnson-K9BY

  Emergency Power Officer ------------------------------------------------   Lyndon Opdyke-WA9JLD

  FD Data Submission Officer ---------------------------------------------    Brett Johnson-K9BY

  Food Officers (Saturday Meal 6:00 pm) ------------------------------   Luci Cramer-N9FYT and

                                                                                                                                        Linda Servais, XYL of K9IBM        

 Grounds Prep. (Grass mowing)-------------------------------------------- Al Homan-KC9QQO                                                         Coaxial Cables -----------------------------------------------------------------  Brett Johnson-K9BY                                                        Signs for Field Day -----------------------------------------------------------  Dan Servais-K9IBM

 LED Flood Lights --------------------------------------------------------------- Dave Rounds-AK9F

 Computer Network:    Brett-K9BY, W3FJP Software (Updated), Ethernet Connection, Laptops.   

 Communication Equipment:  Transceiver                    Brett-K9BY

                                                    Icom IC-7600                  Bob-N9EWZ for CW

                                                    Kenwood TS-2000        Greg-K9GJN for Digital and Voice

                                                     Icom                      Lyndon-WA9JLD for 6 and 2 Meters

Modes:  Voice (SSB), Digital (PSK-31) and Morse Code (CW).

               Satellite Communication was attempted by Al-KC9QQO, but not successful.


     Al-KC9QQO & Andy-KD9ESM unload Brett's truck.   Signage for Field Day    Safety meeting with Greg-K9GJN         


   Up goes the 6 Meter beam                    Bob-W9EWZ tells a story                 Carl-W9BJ operates the 6 Meter station


     The CW Morse code station                Dan-K9IBM a CW operator             Greg-K9GJN operates the digital station


Len-N9LEN & Mike-K9OMG & OCF Dipole  Working on Rotator Kevin-KC9PZI   Many experts study the situation

       Photographs compliments of Len Pollak-N9LEN.

Pretty sky but wind-swept clouds

Band Activity:  160 Meters    14 contacts  (Data close, but not official.)

                             80 Meters  162 contacts

                             40 Meters  356 contacts

                             20 Meters  312 contacts

                             15 Meters  294 contacts

                             10 Meters    90 contacts

                               6 Meters    45 contacts

A good time was had by all.


Field Day Statistics 2017-2007    Greater BARC                 Updated 2017 July 23


Year    Call      Class  Contacts  Points  Hams    Location

2017    K9BY    3A-WI  1,968         4,686       13    Fire Training Center, 3000 Cty F, Janesville, WI

2016    K9BY     3A-WI     815        3,272       15    Fire Training Center, 3000 Cty F, Janesville, WI

2015   W9PN    3A-WI  1,413        4,848       19     Fire Training Center, 3000 Cty F, Janesville, WI

2014   W9PN    3A-WI  1,263        1,642(?)  12     Fire Training Center, 3000 Cty F, Janesville, WI

2013   W9PN    3A-WI  1,079        4,234       15    Thresherman’s Park, HW 51 N.,   Janesville, WI

2012   W9PN    5A-WI  1,251        5,150       15    Thresherman’s Park, HW 51 N.,   Janesville, WI

2011   W9PN    6A-WI  1,756        6,104       15     Fire Training Center, 3000 Cty F, Janesville, WI

2010   W9BJ    4A-WI   1,061        3,384       20     Fire Training Center, 3000 Cty F, Janesville, WI

2009   W9BJ    6A-WI      763        2,890       12     Fire Training Center, 3000 Cty F, Janesville, WI

2008   W9BJ    4A-WI      833        3,366       23     Fire Training Center, 3000 Cty F, Janesville, WI

2007   W9DL    5A-IL       686        2,892       12     State Line Printing property, Rockton, IL


2016 June 24 (5:30-6:00pm set up) and June 25-26 Operate Field Day

Site Officer:  Greg Niles, K9GJN

Location:  Janesville Fire Training Facility, 3000 County F, North Janesville, WI

Station Call:  K9BY  (Brett Johnson)   

Operating Class:   3A   Three simultaneous stations, emergency power, and using a maximum of 150 Watts RF Output power.

GOTA Station:  No  

Band Captains :  80 Meters:       Carl, W9BJ                                   80 Meter Dipole

                              40 Meters:       Brett, K9BY    10 & 15 Meters   40 Meter Vertical

                              20 Meters:       Kevin, KC9PZI                            Hex Beam 20-6 Meters

Free Station:    6 / 2 Meters:       Brett, K9BY                                  Yagi Beams

ARRL Field Day Map Locator:    Al, KC9QQO

  Safety Officer, Logging, Satellite, Public Information Officer   Al Homan, KC9QQO

  Message and GOTA Officer----------------------------------------------    Brett Johnson, K9BY

  Emergency Power Officer-------------------------------------------------   Lyndon Opdyke, WA9JLD

  FD Data Submission Officer----------------------------------------------    Brett, K9BY

  Food Officers (Saturday 6:00 pm)---------------------------------------   Luci Cramer, N9FYT, and Linda & Dan Servais, K9IBM

Computer Interface:    Brett, K9BY, W3FJP Software (Updated), Ethernet Connection, Laptops.   

Improvements for 2016:   New Luxury Band Pass Filters are here for 80m, 40m, and 20m.   200 Watt

They offer increased power handling capability and superb adjacent ham band signal attenuation.

We have 5 Band Passer Filters for 80 - 10 Meters.   100 Watts

These filters reduce the phase noise of transmitters when operated in close proximity; also receiver de-sensing. 

       2015 June (5:30-6:00pm 26 pm set up) 27-28   Field Day

                                                              We operated from 1:00 pm Saturday to 1:00 pm Sunday. 

Site Officer:   Doug, W9PN,    Janesville Fire Training facility, 3000 County F, North Janesville, WI.

The Field Day report was filed with the ARRL prior to the submittal deadline, so we should be included in the results when published.    As required, I submitted the needed documentation to support our claimed bonus points.    I also submitted some soap box comments and photos from our Field Day.    Overall, I would say that we had a successful Field Day.    The one area that jumps out at me as an opportunity for improvement is the total Phone QSO count.    That could easily be doubled.   

Very 73, Doug, W9PN

News Flash:  Nov. 1st: ARRL Report:   W9PN was 3rd in Wisconsin in Class 3A and 5th in all catagories Wisconsin!

2015 Field Day Report   July 29, 2015

Call  used:    W9PN (Extra Class)

GOTA Station Call:  (None)

ARRL/RAC Section:    WI    Class:    3A

Participants:    19

Club/Group Name:    Greater Beloit Area ARC, LLC

Power Source(s):     Generator (Gasoline)

Power Multiplier:     2X

Bonus Points:    100% Emergency Power            300

                               Media Publicity                           100

                               Information Booth                       100

                               W1AW Field Day Message      100

                               Natural Power QSOs Made      100

                               Submitted via the Web                50

                               Educational Activity                   100

           Total Bonus Points:                                       850

Score Summary:          CW          Digital       Phone        Total

       Total QSOs:             910            101           402

       Total Points:          1,820            202           402        2,424   

       Claimed Score:   4,848

Submitted by:  Douglas R. Speer, W9PN

                           Douglas R. Speer

                           4328 Fox Hills Drive

                           Janesville, WI  53546

                           E-mail:   W9PN  at       (at  =   @) 

Comments:  Bonus Points documentation to be e-mailed.

Great Field Day!   Our club featured two homebrew beams including a 2element, 40m Yagi built by W9PN and KD9CNX and an interlaced 2-element per band 15m and 10m Yagi built by K9BY.    The club had an educational session on how to set up and tune a 6m beam.    We had an information booth set up and had publicity coverage in the form of a commercial radio interview and an article in the local area newspaper.

Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:    CW      Digital     Phone

                                              80m    148           0           14

                                              40m    353           0         139

                                              20m    270       101           54

                                              15m    139           0           55

                                              10m       0             0           94

                                                6m       0             0           46

                                                2m       0             0             0

                                           1.25m       0             0             0

                                            Other       0             0             0

                                         Satellite      0            0             0

                    Totals:                         910         101        402

End of Report

  Safety Officer, Logging, Satellite, Public Information Officer    Al Homan, KC9QQO

  Message and GOTA Officer----------------------------------------------  Brett Johnson, K9BY

  Emergency Power Officer-------------------------------------------------   Lyndon Opdyke, WA9JLD

  FD Data Submission Officers--------------------------------------------  Doug Speer, W9PN

  Food Officers (Saturday 6:00 pm)---------------------------------------  Linda and Dan Servais, K9IBM

Category 3A; we used three operating positions (+ one 6 m station) using emergency power.

The Beloit ARC "Power and Light Company" was again provided by the club's AC gasoline generator

under the set up and control of Lyndon, WA9JLD.      We used the station call W9PN, Extra Class

Band Captains:  1  Steve, KD9CNX, :     20 meters (TenTec Eagle) Mode:  CW, SSB, Digital, operator choice.

                               2  Doug, W9PN:    40 meters  (Ten-Tec Omni VII)

                               3  Dan, K9IBM:      80, 15, 10 meters (Icom IC-7000)

                                    4  A 6-meter station was set up and operated on Saturday by Dave, AK9F.

                                  On Sunday, the 6 meter station was set up by Lyndon, WA9JLD and was very active.

Antennas20 meter 3-Element Beam, a home-brew 40 meter 2-Element Yagi designed and constructed by

Doug,W9PN, a 80-10 meters G5RV Doublet, and a 4 element 6-meter Yagi.     Brett, K9BY homebrewed the 10-15 meter, 2 elements per band, Beam.                     

Friday setup:   6:00 to 8:30pm approx.  Friday evening campout was available.  Saturday, the gate opened at 9:00am.

Logging of contacts was computerized at each station using the PC program:  N3FJP FD Logger.

Tear-Down:  many hams assisted on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 - 3:00pm.

All Field Day photos were supplied by Doug Speer, W9PN.     Others are welcome.

    Tent top folded up.             Tent supports and walls        Bright moon over site.           Tent interior, four operators.

     Dan, K9IBM, tunes.        Mike,Texas secret weapon!        Dave, N9GQ, works'em.           Steve, a top communicator.

6 Meter Yagi, 4 element        20 meter Yagi, 3 element          10 & 15 meter Yagi, 2 element                  Field Day site

Field Day site & 20m Beam         Powerful 120 VAC                 Back side of generator           Control panel of generator

       Parking lot area.                 144 & 440 MHz Quad         Lyndon, WA9JLD, dazzles!         40-Meter Yagi, 2 element

      Rigol Spectrum Analyzer


2014, A Successful Field Day

Field Day Site Officer:  Greg Niles, K9GJN

Safety Officer, Logging, Satellite,Public Information Officer -  Al Homan, KC9QQO

Message and GOTA Officer----------------------------------------------- Brett Johnson, K9BY

Emergency Power Officer------------------------------------------------- Lyndon Opdyke, WA9JLD

FD Data Submission Officers--------------------------------------------- Brett Johnson, K9BY, Al Homan, KC9QQO

Food Officers (Saturday 6:00 pm)--------------------------------------- Luci Cramer, N9FYT, Carl Cramer, W9BJ

Get On The Air (GOTA) Station Officer-------------------------------- Conrad Herold, W9DL

Category 3A; we used three operating positions using emergency power.

We used the station call W9PN, Extra Class

Band Captains:  1  Bret, K9BY, Greg, K9GJN:  20, 40 meters

                            2  Doug, W9PN:  40, 15 meters

                            3  Carl, W9BJ:  80, 15, 10 meters

Antennas:  20 meter 3-Element Beam, 40 meter Vertical, 80-10 meters G5RV Doublet,

                        10-15 meter 2 elements per band Beam, and others.

Logging of contacts was computerized at each station using the PC program N3FJP FD Logger.


All photos 2014 Field Day compliments of Bob Barker, K9BNR.

     Five Turkey Buzzards Circling                Tower for 20 M Yagi                          3 Element full size 20 Meter Beam

    Pounding Guy Posts                                     Greg Supervises                           Beam to Tower

Attach the 20 Meter Yagi                    Much Engineering                             Attach the Feed Line

Conrad Holds the Rope Guy                   W9DL Leans Back!                                     She's Up


   Four Watching, Two Working                           Tower Base                                     A Beautiful Sight

Al, KC9QQO Manicures the Grass      2 Elements on 10, 2 on 15 M.                        G5RV Dipole 80-10 Meters

      Planning the Tent                                         Here We Go!                                                Supplies

         Two Operating Positions                                    Tent Top                               40 Meter Vertical on Ridge

            Setting Up                                                 Back Side of Tent                             Four Wild Turkeys Looking Us Over

        W9DL's Vintage Equipment                             Three Stations                                      W9PN in Position!

    K9GJN, Greg and KC9QQO, AL                               Full View, Tent Sides Open              W9BJ, Carl Tunes Up

                 Conference Time                                     Tent With Side  Walls                      K9BY, Brett Operates 

                Conrad, W9DL Operates                          Al and Donn = QSO's                                Hard at Work!

                 Dave, N9GQ, Operates                                   Break Time                                             Conrad's Tent


          40 Meter Vertical Adjustment                   New Technician as of Field Day Sunday 2014!

                                                                      Markus Venable, KD9BSA, Edgerton, Wisconsin

  See You Next Year!


American Radio Relay League Field Day  2013, Saturday, Sunday  


All photos by K9BNR, Robert (Bob) Barker




Area Sponsor:    Greater Beloit Amateur Radio Club

Location:             Thresherman's Park, north of Janesville on HW 51, 51 East Cox Road is the southern entrance.

About 20 minutes northwest of the center of Janesville and about 8 miles northwest of the center of Janesville.  

We used the roofed pavilion, open sides, and a concrete floor.  Picnic tables, with seating on each side were provided. 

Individual tables and chairs were brought.  Lamps were used   Restrooms and showers were available. 

Cars, tents, Recreation Vehicles, and camping was the fashion of the weekend.

Chairpersons:     Greg Niles, K9GJN, and Doug Speer. W9PN, handled the details.

Equipment/Antenna Setup:  Friday evening about 5:30-8:00 pm and Saturday morning 9:00 am-1:00 pm.

Operation Times:     1:00 pm Saturday to 12:59 pm Sunday

Band Captains:   Greg Niles, K9GJN, Digital Modes all bands, 15 meter SSB, CW

                              Doug Speer, W9PN, 20 meter CW, SSB and 40 meter CW

                              Carl Cramer, W9BJ, 80 meter CW, SSB;  40 meter SSB;  10 Meter SSB

Radio call used:  W9PN - Extra Class, full amateur radio privileges.

Classification:  3A -  Three stations used all emergency AC power (Gasoline Generator).

Additionally, we had a GOTA (Beginner) station set up by Conrad, W9DL, a satellite Station, and a VHF/UHF station.

These stations increased the experience and point total, but didn't change our station class of 3A.

KC9RGG. Norm and Bob, K9BNR were our Official Photograghers recording the club efforts.

Dan, K9IBM, Greg, K9GJN, and Carl, W9BJ, headed-up the Saturday evening Picnic Meal crew.

Brett, K9BY, provided a computer Wifi and Ether Network for accuracy in logging and efficient operation.

Members and interested visitors helped with raising antennas, sharing operating duties, logging, and helpful advice.

The "tear-down" operation was completed around 2:30 pm Sunday.   We had a wrapup discussion.

We had a fun, fellowship weekend.   See you in September.


  Another successful Field Day!  A good time for all.

Saturday-Sunday June 23-24, 2012

Amateur Radio Field Day is the largest on-the-air operating event in the world.   

It is part emergency exercise, part public awareness, part education, and 100% fun! 

Chairpersons:  Greg Niles, K9GJN and Doug Speers, W9PN; assisted by club members and friends.       

Location:  Thresherman's Park, north of Janesville on Highway 51; 51 East Cox Road, just east of HW 51.    Much camping space.   Restrooms.

Radio Call:  W9PN  (All Amateur Extra Class Privileges)     Catagory:  5A

Electrical Power:   Lyndon, WA9JLD and the very dependable Army Signal Corps PE95K gasoline AC generator.

Band Captains:  Greg Niles,  K9GJN    -------------------------------  All HF bands Digital: 

                           Doug Speers, W9PN   ---------------------------  20 Meters CW, SSB       40 Meter CW

                           Carl Cramer,  W9BJ & Dan Servais, K9IBM    40 Meters SSB      15 Meters CW, SSB

                           Al Homan,  KC9QQO   ------------------ 10 Meters CW, SSB    80 Meters CW, SSB

                           Lyndon Opdyke, WA9JLD  ------- 6 Meters CW, SSB   (VHF stations are extra points.)

A few hams were needed as relief operators, loggers, etc.    Many visiting ham helped out.

Conrad, W9DL, had a Get On The Air (GOTA) station that was active both days.                         

Saturday evening dinner:  Dan, K9IBM, the super Griller!

Featured this year:   Brett Johnson, K9BY, engineered a Computer Network project.          

All station computers were networked to a computer server using Ether Net cables. 

This improvement facilitated common logging of contacts;  we used a networked version of the N3FJP

Field Day Logger program for the Windows Operating Systems. 

Preliminary Set Up Friday, June 22  6:00 pm.   Set up Saturday 8:30 am.    Operation:  1 pm to 1 pm.     




  Thanks to Ivan Makovec, W9AFW - Photographs.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     -                                                                                                       

       Field Day 2011, June 25-26, 1:00 pm Saturday - 1 pm Sunday.

                        Early antenna set-up on Friday evening, 7 pm and Saturday Morning, 9 am.

                                                 Location:  Janesville Fire Department Fire Training Facility 

                                                                                       Highways 51 & 14, County Road F, 3000 N. Parker Drive

Field Day Co-Chairmen:   K9GJN, Greg  and  KC9QQO, Al     Emergency Power, 117 V.A.C. 60 Hertz:  WA9JLD, Lyndon

We used the common call W9PN for most stations.   "Tenting Tonight" for those interested.

Computer logging was used to avoid duplicate contacts.  

Band Captains:    80-40-20-15-10-6, CW, Digital, SSB.

      W9PN, Doug:   20 meter CW & SSB, 3-element beam,  40 meter CW, vertical,  6-meter 4-element beam, coax fed.              

      W9BJ,  Carl:     80 meter SSB, 40 meter SSB.  All-Band doublet,  tuned balanced feed line.

      K9GJN, Greg; Al, KC9QQO; Kevin, KC9PZI:  All bands PSK-31 and 10 SSB

      N9GQ, Dave:    15 meter SSB

Many helpers and visitors were welcomed!        

"Chief Cook and Bottle Washer":   N9FYT, Luci   and friends served Sloppy Joe BarBQ sandwiches, beans, watermelon, chips, drinks, and bars

    for the Saturday evening meal.

A fun, good time was had by all!"   



      See you next year.


Field Day 2010, June 26-27, 1:00 PM Saturday - 1 PM Sunday.   Early set-up Friday evening and Saturday morning.

BARC Field Day Co-Chairmen Greg Niles, N9GJN,  Al Homan, KC9QQO,  and Kevin Christ, KC9PZI "spear-headed" our efforts. 

Electrical Power- Portable 117 VAC Gasoline Generator:   Lyndon, WA9JLD

Master Chefs:   Rich, KC9RTF and Jim, KA9VHG

Band Captains:   Carl, W9BJ - 80 & 40 Meters SSB,  Doug, W9PN - 20 Meters CW & SSB, 40 Meters CW,  Dave, N9GQ -15 Meters QRP, Al KC9QQO, Kevin, KC9PZI, Bob, N9HCN - 10 meters SSB,  Jim, KA9VHG  ???

Propagation:    Increased sun spot activity for the Field Day period inproved the MUF (Maximum Usuable Frequency) which allowed numerous contacts on 10 and 15 meters.    We had a nice article about our club Field Day in the Beloit Daily News.  We rated this Field Day as very successful.







Field Day 2009     We had a successful simulated emergency communications activity.

Thanks to all that participated in any way; we had a lot of fun.  A special thank-you to those who dropped by for support.  

You are appreciated.    A few new hams visited; one was a new licensee for two days.

Photograph Credits:  Most of the following photographs are courtesy of Paul Monroe, W9MEH.






American Radio Relay League

Field Day 2009    Saturday and Sunday, June 27th-28th


Field Day is the premier activity for our club; where we have the largest interest and participation.

Janesville Fire Chief, Larry Grorud, has again approved the use of the Fire Department Training Facility, 3000 N. Parker Drive or County Road F, Janesville, for our Field Day Activities. 

(This area is Rock County property and is north of Janesville; please see the map below.)

Indoor restroom facilities are provided.  Doug Speer, W9PN, reports this week that there is a renewed blacktop surface and a clean area for our operations.  An informal inspection of the area will be conducted Friday evening at 7:00 pm.   


The location will be unlocked and ready for equipment set-up at 8:00 am Saturday morning.  The operating time period will begin from 1800 UTC (1:00 pm CDST) until Sunday, 1800 UTC (1:00 pm CDST); a time period of 24 hours. Take-down of antennas and equipment will commence after the contest ends.  Take-down and departure should be completed by 4 pm, approximately.


IN 2008, we operated in the 3A catagory:  three active stations at any one time and all using emergency power.

A normal station set-up:  tent, table, chair, lamp, communication radios, antennas, ground connection, computer for logging and/or operation, water and snacks, and auxiliary equipment (bed).  (Last year, we had intermittent rain and wind storms over the Field Day activity.)  Food and drink should be planned for; we will have a "community-style" meal prepared for Saturday evening.  Richard Falk, KC9OAH, has volunteered to be in charge for the evening meal.


Electrical power will be provided by the B.A.R.C.-owned gasoline generator and maintained by Lyndon Opdyke, WA9JLD.  "Old Betsy" has a very good track record for providing clean, dependable power at 117 V.A.C.   We provide long, heavy duty power cords to each location; but each station must provide their own multi-socket power strip.   A 50 foot, heavy duty extension cord is recommended.  Also, solar power and batteries have been used successively for QRP, low power operation; anyone for wind power? 


We are permitted HF contacts on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters.  We may use all the VHF/UHF bands as well.  (Field Day operation is not permitted on the 60, 30, 17, or 12 meter bands.)

We will use the same FCC-assigned amateur call for 2009 for all stations, W9BJ.  (This is the same as last year.)

W9BJ is an Extra Class license with full operating privileges.


Band Assignments: 

    Captain for   6 meters, all modes:  Donn Ambrose, K9DA

    Captain for 20 meters, all modes:  Doug Speer, W9PN

    Captain for 40 meters, all modes:  Greg Niles,   K9GJN

             Greg, Bob Barker, K9RIJ, and Ed Green, KC9GTB will emphasize low-power digital modes such as PSK31.

    Captain for 80 meters, all modes:  Carl Cramer, W9BJ  (Carl's wife, Luci, N9FYT, may assist set-up.)

    Some operation is contemplated on the 15 and 10 meter bands.

Volunteers for other Band Captains are requested.

Ivan Makovec, W9AFW, will supervise and help out with the set up activities on late Saturday morning.   Ivan is our most Senior Ham operator.

Whether you are Field Day veteran or a first-timer, there will be ample opportunities to help with set up.   For any one wanting some operating/logging experience or training, nothing beats having time On The Air.      

Additional assignments will be announced on this website.  All BARC hams are encouraged to participate in some function; even a few hour of showing up and joining in is personally valuable for the learning experience.  For our newer members, Field Day is an excellent crash course about antennas, band conditions, and operating.  If you like to camp, make plans to join those of us who stay on-site for the two day (24+ hours) event. 


Come out and support your club.   Bring a friend or family member.

Field Day Coordinator:  Carl Cramer, W9BJ


Field Day 2008

The ARRL sponsored Field Day was June 28 and 29, 2008.  The location was the Janesville Fire Department Training facility located at 3000 North Parker Drive, Janesville.  All members were invited to participate.  The setup of tents, equipment, electrical generator, and antennas started on Saturday morning; with the on-the-air operating event starting at 1:00 pm and continuing until 1:00 P.M. on Sunday.  There was a meal for participants at 8:00 P.M. Saturday and a breakfast Sunday morning.  Despite many high wind gusts and "buckets" of rain, a good time was had by all.







We really eat well!


                                                                                  Emergency Communications




Doug, W9PN, is ready for the 40 meter pileups.      Jim, KA9VHG, uses compact rigs and computer.


    Wallace, K9DVB, hams it up.


Conrad, W9DL, assembles a 20 meter beam, with help.    Gary, W9JSN, monitors 10 meter SSB.  Not much skip.


Doug, W9PN and Carl, W9BJ score big on 40 meter CW.                    


Published in the Janesville GazetteXtra

Amateur radio enthusiasts compete at field day       (Monday, June 25, 2007)
By Catherine W. Idzerda, Gazette staff
ROSCOE, ILL .- Relationship specialists are always saying that men need to learn to communicate better.
Those specialists have never met any of the guys from the Beloit Amateur Radio Club.
Club members spent 24 hours outdoors Saturday and Sunday, communicating with people from around the country.
It wasn't group therapy; it was an amateur radio field day.
A field day is fun with a serious purpose.
"It's a demonstration of the ability of amateurs all over the country to set up communications independent of commercial power lines, antennas or existing infrastructure," explained Doug Speer, 4328 Fox Hills Drive, Janesville.
His on-air call sign is W9PN.

Gary Cook of Beloit writes down a contact during the Beloit Amateur Radio Club's field day in Roscoe, Ill. The field day is a demonstration in the contiguous 48 states to see who can make the most contacts during an emergency situation.
Al Hoch/Gazette Staff

If there's a crisis, such as a tornado, amateur radio operators keep the lines of communication open.
During Hurricane Katrina, amateur or "Ham" radio was often the only way people could communicate. Hundreds of operators traveled south to save lives and property.
At the local field day in Roscoe, Ill., 15 Hams from the stateline area worked at seven operating stations in six tents under eight portable antennas.
The goal was to try to contact as many people as they could in 24 hours.
Throughout the night, they transmitted signals and received them in return. Or they flipped around the dial of a gadget called a "transceiver," looking for signals to contact.
Ham radio signals were transmitted in a variety of ways including voice, Morse code and digital. The computer translates a digital signal into text.
Contacts were logged into a notebook or tracked with a computer program.
Speer made 312 contacts in 24 hours.
By Sunday morning, the guys were pretty relaxed. They were having a good time running their equipment, talking shop and eating Cheez-its and Pop Tarts for breakfast.

In the middle of it all, Frank Kollins, WA9CWX, tried to demonstrate the Morse code keyer.
It stopped working.
"There's a rule," Kollins said, as Speer jiggled wires and tapped equipment on the table. "Whenever you try to demonstrate something, it breaks."

Some Hams, such as Bob Barker-yes, that's his real name-are members of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES). Barker, whose call sign is K9RIJ, and his fellow RACErS are trained to help emergency management agencies during a crisis.
But most Hams pursue the hobby just for fun.
"You can get started in amateur radio for $200 or $300," said Conrad Herold, W9DL.
Dave Fisher, N9JDQ, chimed in, "It all depends on what you tell your wife."
And what about the wives? How do they feel about the amateur radio hobby?
"Well, they know where we are," Herold said. "We're in the basement, in our Hamshacks."
Fisher chimed in again: "Yeah, every time Conrad gets a new radio, his wife gets a diamond ring."
That's one way to communicate.


Field Days Memories of Long Ago


Field Day 1967:  Qubical Quad beam antenna of Hal, WA9IZK.        Jim Shipman of Clinton on the mike.

                                                                                             From left:  Dan Hammell, Ivan Makovec, and Jim Opdyke, Beloit

F.D. 1960's?   Charlie King, WA9NRT and Ivan Makovec W9AFW

F.D. call was WA9PKM, Gerald Wallen, now K9EP.


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