March Meeting Postponed

Due to weather, the Greater Beloit ARC will reschedule the March meeting from March 5th to Monday March 12th.

GBARC Meeting Minutes March 2010

Meeting Date: 
March 1, 2010
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President Carl Cramer, W9BJ, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.   A motion was made to table the minutes and the treasures report and proceed to the program.   The motion carried.
Two things were mentioned:   Field Day is coming soon and Doug, W9PN, discussed our survey for 2010 Field Day; and a package deal of a tower, rotor and antenna will be posted on the club WEB page soon.
Greg, K9GJN, introduced Don Norwood, K9DN, to present his program on Enhanced SSB (eSSB).  Don’s ham station is one of those eSSB stations. This is Don’s K9DN program on eSSB:
*“Extended” vs “Enhanced”   (Enhanced is Hi-Fi, but not necessarily audio frequency extended.)
*Standard SSB Characteristics     *Narrow Tx bandwidth: approx. 2K-2.9 kHz      *Narrow audio response: approx. 200-2900 Hertz, or less
*Enhanded SSB Characteristics     *Wide Tx bandwidth: 3K-6 kHz     *Wide audio frequency response: 50-4000+ Hertz    *Smooth audio response curve
      *Low IMD, harmonic distortion, hum, etc.
*Signal” Processing” and Shaping     *Basic EQ (audio frequency equalization)      *Downward expansion (noise gating)     *Compression and limiting
      *Parametric EQ     *Dynamic EQ
*Hardware Requirements     *Rig with Rx and Tx bandwidth     *Wide frequency range microphone-condenser/dynamic     *Mixer to feed ACC Input jack
      *RFI issues      *Good cabling-balanced audio with XLR connections      *Good grounding, toroids, isolation transformer (avoiding ground loops)
*Simple Processing     *W2IHY boxes: 8-Band EQ and EQ plus
*Complex Processing-DSP     *The Behringer DEQ 2496 Ultra-Curve Pro audio processor (31 bands of equalization, etc.)
*A spectrum analyzer is a great tool to improve you signal.   Don uses the Spectra-Plus program.  (Computer software, expensive $400+)
*A separate SSB receiver is best used to monitor your own signal.  The built-in monitor circuits of some transceiver are not accurate in their response.
*Some good Web sites     *     *     * (for Yaesu FT-2000, which Don uses.)
Don, K9DN, was flattered when he received a phone call from Dave, N9JDQ, about his quality eSSB signal.   K9GJN, Greg ,invited him to speak at the club meeting.   He wanted to thank them.
To hear eSSB signals, listen on 14.178 MHz at 5 PM. You could hear Don ,K9DN, and KA7GKN, Marty, along with others.  Then there was a question and answer session.
We had 18 sign the attendance sheet.  The question was:  Do you read club minutes on the WEB before the meeting? The answer was 9 Yes and 8 No.
Our website is:
On Saturday, March 6 th , Dave, N9GQ, will have the PSK31 Warbler kit-group meet at the Red Cross Building in Janesville to build their kits.
Next meeting will be April 5 th .
Recording Secretary, Conrad, W9DL