March Meeting Postponed

Due to weather, the Greater Beloit ARC will reschedule the March meeting from March 5th to Monday March 12th.

GBARC Meeting Minutes September 2010

Meeting Date: 
September 13, 2010
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President Carl Cramer, W9BJ, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.    He had everyone introduce themselves and tell what they did in the form of ham radio this past summer plus their comments on Field Day, June 26-27.    W9BJ, Carl, and a Ham team put up the highest 40-80 meter dipole ever, at 50+ feet on F/D.   On tower One, we had a tri band beam; and on tower Two, we had a 20 meter beam.   The F/D antenna farm also had 3 vertical antennas.   A good time was had by all on Field Day. 
Other activities this summer were KC9QQO, Al, replaced a tower with a Rohn 25 tower and antennas.   KC9PZI, Kevin, put two more sections of tower plus a beam antenna.   W9PN, Doug, has a tower and antenna project in progress.   KA9SFT, Dave, in Beloit, is looking for help on his tower and antennas.   W9BJ, Carl, talked about his Central Electronics 100 V (1957 vintage) that he is bringing back to life with a new multimeter faceplate and other parts.
Minutes were read by W9DL, Conrad, and corrected with KC9PZI, Kevin, having the Clubs' ICOM 701 HF Transceiver.
Treasurer Report by W9PN, Doug, was read and approved. .
Program by W9BJ, Carl, who talked about the contents of several Ham magazines, K9GJN Greg talked about the New Beloit FM repeater with a new frequency 147.120+ and the same PL.   WA9JLD, Lyndon, will also be involved with the repeater.    There is a need for a UHF receiver.
ARES/RACES meetings are the 4 th Monday of the month at the Red Cross building, 211 N Parker Drive, Janesville, Wi.  at 7:30 PM.     All Hams are invited.    N9GQ, Dave, talked about the national Simulated Emergency Test (SET) on Saturday, October 2, 2010, approximately 9 -11AM.    The Amateur station at the Rock County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), in Janesville, will be activated.    You are encouraged to check in with as many forms of power you have.   The frequency will be 145.45 MHz, the Janesville repeater.
Hamfest at Belvedere, Illinois will be Saturday, September 25 th.   The "flea Market" will open at 6 AM.  Tickets are $10 at the gate.
Members attending were 13.
Next meeting will be Monday, October 4, 2010