Greater Beloit Amateur Radio Club  Up-Dated  August 15 , 2017
 2017 Paid up members in good standing.      
AA9PL Randy Myatt Janesville    
AK9F David Rounds - ARRL ak9f   at Beloit    
K9BNR   Bob Barker - ARRL k9bnr  at Milton    
K9BY Brett Johnson - ARRL k9by  at S. Beloit,IL    

Donn Ambrose - ARRL*

k9da   at

K9EP Jerry Wallen         Life BARC Madison, WI    
K9FLO Dean Livingston k9flo  at Roscoe, IL    
K9GJN Greg Niles - ARRL k9gjn  at Janesville    
K9IBM Dan Servais - ARRL * Janesville    
K9OMG Mike Heckel k9omg    at Rosco, IL    
KA9SFT Dave Ferguson - ARRL ka9sft  at Beloit    
KC9PZI Kevin Christ kc9pzi  at Janesville    
KC9QQO Al Homan kc9qqo  at Janesville    
KC9RGG Norman Aulabaugh kc9rgg  at Orfordville    
KC9RLI Mike Fuller kc9rli  at Janesville    
KC9TMX Greg Neiers              (Not yet)   Juda    
KD9CNX Steve McLenachen   S. Beloit, IL    



David Wendt - ARRL*, Life BARC n9gq  at Ont. Canada    
N9JDQ David Fisher                n9jdq  at Janesville    
N9OEG Chris Green              (Not yet)   S.Beloit, IL    
N9TOM Tom Herold tehbul  at Beloit    
N9UBJ Kim Burkhalter        (Not yet) yowlingowl  at Janesville    
W9AFW Ivan Makovec - ARRL*, Life BARC Beloit    
W9BJ Carl Cramer  - ARRL* w9bj  at Janesville    
W9DL Conrad Herold - ARRL, Life BARC w9dlcon  at Muskego    
W9EWZ Bob Urban w9ewz  at Janesville    
W9MEH Paul Monroe   Life BARC   Columbus, WI    
WA9JLD Lyndon Opdyke       jnlopdyke  at Beloit    
WA9YSB Doug Cooper wa9ysbpoco  at Beloit    
WD9BB Chuck Bell - ARRL   cbellthe111   at Clinton    
WQ9G Dave Sterna              (Not yet) d.sterna  at Beloit    
  Replace   at   with  @                 *         Life BARC Life membership granted.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Memories of Long Ago  (September 26, 2003  Excerpt from The Beloit Daily News.)

John, W9FCY, age 92, now SK, views photos with             John receives a plaque from radio club President,

Conrad Herold,W9DL, a club member.                                                      Paul Monroe, W9MEH.                                   


Conrad presents a cake to John during the celebration.    John worked for WCLO, Janesville.  He earned a first class

                                                                                              commercial radio license.  Equipment at right is WWII surplus.

John Purcell, W9FCY, of Beloit earned an amateur radio (Ham) license in 1928.  He has made radio contacts around the world.  "It's a very interesting hobby," Purcell said, "It's changing all the time." 

John worked at commercial broadcasting station WCLO in Janesville.  One incident he remembered was that the station power supply went bad.  John had to bring in his ham radio power supply to keep WCLO on the air.

Purcell's interest in amateur radio remained constant over the years.  He headed up the local Civil Defense program for decades and was one of several radio operators who assisted emergency personnel in Beloit during the flood of 1974.

In addition to giving, Purcell also received a meaningful gift from radio operation.  "I was talking with a guy in Africa and it just happened that he was in the same town as my daughter and son-in-law", Purcell recalled.  Through that ham radio contact, Purcell was able to regularly keep in touch with his family members who served as Christian missionaries to the Cameroons for many years.

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