Doug, W9PN, in days gone by.     Club News Items


Douglas "Doug" Speer, 1971,  Austin, Texas                 Novice (beginner) station:  Heathkit HW-16 Transceiver

                                                                                                                 Realistic Receiver, 24 hour clock


Every ham needs a tower and a Dad                              1972, General Station, WB5DQE, HG-10B VFO,

                                                                                         Heath RF Tuning Meter and RME DB-22A Preselector


Nostalgia  1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's


Conrad Herald, (ex WA9SVF), Beloit and now                     Conrad without the full beard and mustache!

W9DL, of Clinton, Wisconsin.  Heath, Hammarlund,

Collins, and Central Electronics equipment.


Conrad's 1969 National Radio NCX-5 transceiver and    Conrad's 1980 Collins Radio Co. station.  75S3 receiver

NCL-2000 linear amplifier.                                                 and ? transmitter.  Heath Co. Linear on the right.


Conrad, W9DL a "lefty" with a hot morse code key.              John Purcell, W9FCY - SK, with Collins Radio Co. 75A4

20 words per minute skill level.   Mid to late 1980's                 receiver and 32V3 transmitter.  (Data uncertain)


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