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GBARC Meeting Minutes April 2014

Meeting Date: 
April 7, 2014
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
Vice President, Dave Arndt, N9GQ, called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.  Attendance was 15 (Guests:  WQ9G, Dave Sterna and KC4ZYC, Howard Herhold).  Introductions were given.  Question of the evening:  "What was you best DX since Jan. 2013?"  Answers:  S. Africa, Netherlands, Christmas Island from mobile, Reunion Island, Serbia 40 meters, and some DX iPad face-to-face QSOs.  The Minutes of the March 3rd meeting were presented and corrected.   Al, KC9QQO gave the financial report.  We are in good shape for expenditures on Field Day and similar club activities.
Old Business:  We are still planning to apply for a club License.  This would be nice for an activity for celebrating our 50th anniversary.  Conrad, W9DL, discussed the AES SuperFest in Milwaukee.  It was a bit smaller than last year, inventory of equipment seemed smaller, no future print catalogs, just internet. 
New Business:  Kim, N9UBJ, has study materials for the General Class FCC license for sale or barter.  He is going to begin studying for the Extra Class license.  Also, others suggested that internet tests are valuable.  The Stoughton hamfest is Saturday, April 12th.  Dave, N9GQ, has paid for a table.  Help him make sales or bring an item or two to sell.  We reminisced about previous locations of this hamfest.   The Wisconsin QSO party was popular.  20, 40 and 80 meters were active.  Greg, K9GJN, worked on 20 and 40 and made 31,000+ points and 52 counties.  Donn, K9DA, had 50+ QSOs.  Dave Rounds, AK9F, worked about 38 stations.  Chuck, WD9BB, hosted another ham and together they had a good time.  Conrad, W9DL, was impressed with the variety of Wisconsin towns with indian names.   Dave, N9GQ, enjoyed the challenge of low power operation.
Announcements:  Greg, K9GJN, led a discussion about the ARRL Field Day.  We discussed various situations including low power, antennas, and band pass filters.  We discussed mutual-desensing type of interference.  We may try building or buying some band pass filters or coaxial Stubs.  Carl, W9BJ, volunteered to present a short program at the May meeting about the state of the art of Band Pass filters.   Dave, AK9F, has a new handitalkie, the new Baufeng UV-82.  This a Chinese radio, UHF/VHF with improved features.   Carl, W9BJ, showed his new gold ARRL stick pin:  ARRL 50 Years (a member).   Tornado Awareness Week is April 21-25; with a county wide drill on April 24, 1-2 pm.   The Severe Weather Spotter Training classes were held on March 24th.
Program:  Dave, N9GQ, presented a video collection of photos of a number of members station arrangements.  The contents of each photo was discussed.  Emphasis was on transceivers, tuners, accessories, power supplies, operating aids, charts, clocks, and amplifiers.
Final:  The club meeting adjourned at 8:46 pm.
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