GBARC Meeting Minutes August 2020

Meeting Date: 
August 3, 2020
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.


Video Conference Meeting!

Virtual Presence:

Brett K9BY – President

Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President

Dean K9FLO – Secretary

Greg K9GJN – Treasure

Chuck WD9BB – Officer

Secretary Report:

Dean-K9FLO reviewed the minutes from the July 6, 2020 meeting on the web.       Recommended for Approval by Lyndon-wa9jld and seconded by Kurt-ke9n.

Treasurer Report:

Greg-K9GJN presented the Treasurers report.     Recommended for approval by Kurt-ke9n and Carl-w9bj.

Old Business:        

Brett-k9by, the HERC test was done again at the qth which was very successful and Bill Kemp   presented a plaque to Brett-k9by in appreciation of making it happen.     Bill is hopeful that more locations can be setup to make this State wide.     Brett-k9by breakfast is still on hold.   

New Business:

Brett-k9by since we may be in for a long Covig-19 lock-down we might want to consider some other get-together options.    Greg-k9gjn we should not consider any other types of get-togethers other than how we are doing it now, because of the number of hi-risk members we have in our Club.      Brett-k9by opened it up for discussion on maybe having social distance spaced meetings, or continues the video meetings.    Ideas were discussed but it generally agreed to that video conferencing would be much safer for all the members.     Brett-k9by we can address this later, maybe after a vaccine is out, everyone agreed.      Brett-k9by because of some members having connection issues, and we have a couple video conferencing options.     We can continue using Big Blue Button or we can switch to Zoom ($15 monthly fee).      A Discussion followed on the pros and cons of the two services and all agreed we should keep using Big Blue Button.    Brett-k9by would we like to start virtual presentations again.    Everyone agreed we should NOT re-start the presentations at this time.       Brett-k9by since we are a virtual Club now maybe we should start on line payments for dues, any ideas?     Greg-k9gjn suggested a PayPal account for dues and club purchases and checks would still be accepted, a discussion followed.     A motion to start up a PayPal account was made by Dean-k9flo and seconded by Lyndon-wa9jld.    Greg-k9gjn, Brett-k9by and Dean-k9flo will work on the setup.    Brett-k9by suggested doing some fund-raisers: looking for ideas, suggestions?   Brett-k9by informed everyone Jeremy Wagner, who was a guest at our last meeting, passed his Technician test!    Congratulations Jeremy!      Brett-k9by maybe having newly licensed hams receives from the club some kind of recognition, such as free dues.       Brett-k9by made Motion to do a free initial membership to a newly licensed Ham for a minimum of 6 months, seconded by Tom-n9tom.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm

Motion to adjourn: Greg-k9gjn, seconded by: Lyndon-wa9jld

Program:  Carl demonstrated his 1942 military chest microphone.

Next Meeting will be September 7 (Labor Day) ?, 2020! 

Secretary: Dean-K9FLO

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