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GBARC Meeting Minutes December 2012

Meeting Date: 
December 3, 2012
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President Chuck, WD9BB, called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. Visitors were welcomed.  Attendance:  21.  Introductions were made.    Santa (Chuck) made a surprise appearance. Chuck gave everyone a special present.  Wooden “ solder roll dispensers ”, designed and made by Chuck , were distributed to all in attendance. Just the thing for construction and repair projects. The Question of the Evening was:  “Have you held a club office?”  Nine people had held multiple offices over the years, most had not held any office.
Secretary Carl, W9BJ, read the Minutes of the November meeting; they were corrected and approved. 
Treasurer Al, KC9QQO, presented his Report; it was approved.  2013 dues of $20 are due at the January meeting.  New membership cards were distributed to those that paid this month.
Old Business:   Al, KC9QQO, discussed our club project of building kits for a Software Defined Radio transceiver.  The Softrock RXTX Ensemble Software Defined Radio transceiver kit from was shown. The kits cost $75, down from $85.  When we order in quantity, we get the discount and shipping is free.   About 10 people agreed to order a kit.   Al will order the kits when he gets the deposits.  Send your check for a $50 down payment to club Treasurer:  Al Homan, 1019 Hawthorne Ave., Janesville, WI 53545.   Final payment is due when the kits are delivered.
New Business:   A discussion was held about our club antennas at the fire station.  At this time, we have two coax lines into the main room.  One line runs to the roof for a VHF antenna.  The other line runs to a front outside flagpole for a vertical.  We have no equipment installed.  It was suggested that we install both a High Frequency Station and VHF/UHF stations.  Bob, K9BNR, suggested that he could donate a Kenwood TS 440 HF transceiver.  Some minor repair should be performed.   Possibly, commercial FM rigs could be obtained for VHF and for UHF.  
Carl, W9BJ, presented a few video screens about the 2012 Field Day results.  He also mentioned the movie, “Lincoln”.  In the film, President Lincoln was shown in the War Office Telegraph station for sending and receiving important messages.  Carl demonstrated a straight key controlling a telegraph sounder.  He also switched in a beeper so we could hear the difference in the sounder rhythm and the tones that we use on CW.   A short discussion ensued about the original American Morse code and the (Continental) International Morse code.  
Kim, N9UBJ , discussed his trip to near Minneapolis for the HandiHams camp, Camp Courage .   A number of photos were shown.
Program:  Dave, N9GQ, presented the updated club Bylaws.  Club officers read the Bylaws and they were discussed.  The Bylaws are posted on the Club Web Site to study. They will be discussed again at the January meeting.  Club officers were recommended to remain the same for 2013.  A formal election will be held at the January meeting. 
Our next meeting is Monday, January 7th. The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm. 
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