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GBARC Meeting Minutes December 2015

Meeting Date: 
December 7, 2015
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President Brett, K9BY, called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.   Attendance was 12.   Introductions were made. The question of the evening was about visiting or QSO'ed Pearl Harbor or Hawaii.   Most had QSO'ed the islands, but Chuck Bell had been there aboard the USS Coral Sea and 3 others had been there.    Minutes of the November 2nd meeting were presented by Secretary, Carl, W9BJ.   Al, KC9QQO, was absent; no Treasurers Report was available.
Old Business:   Purchasing Vinyl banners for the club was discussed.   We will try to otain some some estimates.  A club logo was suggested to be designed.     The banners would be used for Field Day and public relations.    Obtaining a club call was discussed.  The club had a station call back in the 1960-70's.  Membership dues for 2016 of $20 will be collected in January, February and March.  Club Officer nominations will be in March.   The election will be in April; only payed members will vote.
New Business:  A discussion about TenTec and Flex Radio was held.   It was announced that the wife of Ed Green, KC9GTB, of Milton, passed away.  
Brett, K9BY, transported the donated 3-element club beam for 20 meters to Chuck's WD9BB's place for storage.
Some very active members of the club have recently moved:  Conrad herald, W9DL, to Muskego, Wisconsin and Doug Speer, W9PN, to Amarillo, Texas.  Conrad was made a Life Club member previously.  WD9BB, Chuck, called for a special thank you for Doug.   It was decided to honor Doug with a memorial plaque for his leadership over the years, especially being a club officer and his Field Day Activities.   Greg, K9GJN, made a motion to order an appropriate award.   It passed.     Carl, W9BJ, suggested that the club show appreciation for the Firestation facilities that we use for our monthly meetings.  Brett, K9BY, will purchase and present a Fruit and Goodies Basket for the the personnel of the Beloit Central Fire Station. There are 3 shifts of about 15 Fire Personnel.   Cost will be in the $100 range. 
Program: Greg, K9GJN, led a detailed discussion about Rock County Repeaters.  The Clinton Repeater on 146.715 MHz now features a new Yaesu Fusion Repeater.   It combines Analog and Digital modes of operation. The Analog, traditional transmissions, are still usuable.   The Digital format is a new standard that is not compatible with other existing Digital formats.  Some operating adjustment must be made by users.  The antenna pattern favors the Northwest direction, covering Rock County from Clinton.
Carl, W9BJ, presented a short program about Receiver Protection.  He passed around a 1-150 MHz protection unit sold by Array Solutions.  It contained 2 broad band transformers and diodes, along with a special, spark gap, lightning arrestor.   It was written up in QST. 
Announcements:  Our next meeting is Monday, January 4th, 2016. 
Final: The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.
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