GBARC Meeting Minutes February 2018

Meeting Date: 
February 5, 2018
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.

Present: 16

Brett K9BY – President

Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President

Dean K9FLO – Secretary

Greg K9GJN – Treasure

Chuck WD9BB – Officer

An introduction of everyone present was done.    

Secretary Report:

Dean-K9FLO reviewed the minutes from the December 4, 2017 meeting,   Recommended for Approval by Chuck-WD9BB seconded by Greg-K9GJN and the membership approved as read.

Treasurer Report:

Greg-K9GJN gave the current treasurer’s report.    Motion to approve Treasurer Report by Chuck-WD9BB and seconded by Tom-N9TOM.      Brett-K9BY purchased three Fruit Baskets for the Beloit FD for appreciation of allowing us to use their facilities.    Greg reimbursed Brett for the purchase price of the baskets   

Old Business:

Brett-K9BY reviewed the results and events that happened during setup and teardown of the Winter Field Day event.    The bandpass filters worked very well.      Our points for this year (2018) were 6600 points as compared to last year (2017) we had 2400 points, (28 digital and 12 CW).    Next year we should try using the generator and maybe operate from a tent next year.    Brett-K9BY suggests we treat this more as an emergency event.     Follow up on the purchases of a 6 meter bandpass filter: Carl-W9BJ & Greg-K9GJN found out they are no longer available from any source.

New Business

Chuck-WD9BB suggested we need a better way to alert members of any changes in meeting.     A discussion followed.   It was decided to continue Batch mailing, post on the Web site and repeater announcements.

Greg–K9GJN informed us that we have the Summer Field Day event locked in at the Janesville Fire Dept. training grounds.   Chuck-WD9BB brought in a used Receiver from a silent key’s widow wanted us to sell.

Greg would like us to start up the 50/50 raffle.    Brett suggested we do an auction, have at the one of the meetings, or have a Banquet, xmas /auction or have it at Field day and a raffle.   


Greg informed the members that Bob Barker–K9DNR Is having medical issues and is currently in Mercy Hospital.     Chuck-WD9BB brought in a used Receiver from a silent key’s widow, and also had a tabletop stereo she wanted us to sell on consignment.     Conrad suggested we have badges with the club name, or maybe a shirt or jackets.



Dean-K9FLO brought in a couple of Heil 8pin mic connectors and a standard mic connector.   Dean was showing the better grip design on the Heil connectors.    Dean brought in a copy of his 1st class commercial radio licenses study guide from the 70s.

Lyndon-WA9JLD brought in some selenium rectifiers showing the effects of lighting degradation, the size compared to silicon diodes.

Motion to adjourn by Greg-K9GJN, seconded by Lyndon-WA9JLD

Next Meeting Will Be March 5, 2018!

Secretary Dean-K9FLO

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