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GBARC Meeting Minutes January 2013

Meeting Date: 
January 7, 2013
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President Chuck, WD9BB, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Visitors were welcomed.  Attendance:  21.  Introductions were made.  The Question of the Evening was:  “Have you constructed electronic kits?”  Fourteen people had made kits.
Secretary Carl, W9BJ, read the Minutes of the November meeting; they were approved. 
Treasurer Al, KC9QQO, presented his Report; it was approved.  2013 dues of $20 are due.  Membership cards were distributed; names are posted on our club web site.
Old Business:  Our H.F. transceiver on loan should be returned.
Greg, K9GJN, discussed the Rock County repeaters.  They are working well; some new antennas are planned.  New controllers have been recent improvements.   A history of Rock County repeaters should be prepared and posted on our website.  We will have an auction for the benefit of the Repeater Association at our February club meeting.  Bring your items to sell and money to purchase.  Greg also discussed the club plans for the 2013 Field Day, June 22-23.  We will have the use of the pavilion at Thresherman’s Park, North of Janesville.  More information will follow.
Al, KC9QQO, discussed and distributed our club project kits of Software Defined Radio transceivers.  The Softrock RXTX Ensemble SDR transceiver kit from was shown.  About 12 people had ordered a kit.   Many construction sessions will be needed.  Ham Nation is building the same kit and has videos on the web.
President Chuck, WD9BB, discussed our club officers who were nominated last meeting.   He conducted the voting and our 2012 officers were reelected.  He also discussed the F.C.C.’s use of FRN numbers for official activities. We each have a FRN number assigned.  Also, a group was commissioned to examine our New By Laws and report back with revisions.
New Business:  Al, KC9QQO, discussed the usability of certain electrical test meters.  All test meters disturb the operation of a circuit to some degree.  The best meters disturb the least amount.  Know the characteristics of your test equipment for best accurate results.
Kim, N9UBJ, who recently attended Handihams camp, reported that they have merged with another group.
Dave, N9GQ, requested new ideas and people for the club program committee.
Ken, N9KMO , showed and discussed his new Elecraft KX3 H.F. Transceiver, 12 Watt, all mode.  Lyndon, WA9JLD, also has a KX3. Ed, N9QG, has built the K2.  A photo was taken by Conrad, W9DL, using his iPad and it will be posted on our web site.
Bob, K9BNR , discussed a ham group in Hortonville, Wisconsin that has formed a charitable organization, a 501C3 classification. It is in the process in accepting donations of electronic communication equipment such as Commercial transceivers and towers.  He visited and returned with two Motorola Motrac transceivers, 100 Watts output.
Dave, N9GQ , discussed a “USB Radio”, available for $21.95.   It is a Soft Ware Defined radio, an SDR.  A QST article discussed it.  Also discussed was Raspberry Pi, a single board computer.
Our next meeting is Monday, February 4th. The meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm. 
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