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GBARC Meeting Minutes January 2016

Meeting Date: 
January 4, 2016
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President Brett, K9BY, called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.   Attendance was 14.   Introductions were made. The question of the evening was about plans for the new year.   Some plan to repair equipment, some to do CW work, and some have no plans    Minutes of the December 7th meeting were presented by Secretary, Carl, W9BJ.   Al, KC9QQO, presented a detailedTreasurers Report.
Old Business:   Purchasing publicity banners for the club will be delayed until we get a club call.   Membership dues for 2016 of $20 were collected.   Brett, K9BY, discussed the delivery of fruit and sweets baskets to the Fire Department;  they were well received.  K9GJN, Greg, discussed the W9PN Plaque of appreciation. 
New Business:  WD9BB, Chuck, discussed an article in Jan. 2016 QST, "All-Mode 1 kHz to 1.7 GHz SDR Receiver" as a possible club project .   Most club members were interested; more in Feb.   A Winter Field Day was discussed; Jan. 30.  See    Al, KC9QQO, will work on a advertisement about the club on FaceBook.    Greg, K9GJN, said that the Rock County repeaters were working well.   Digital operation usuage has been used mainly for long distance.    WD9BB, Chuck, reports good Senile Net operations.
Program: A 50-50 Raffle of $40 was won by Chuck, WD9BB, and donated to the club.   Bob, K9BNR, donated a number of raffle items:  A Rig Blaster ($20); telephones, and other items.      Greg, K9GJN, demoed a Digital QSO on the new Yaesu 2 Meter Repeater.     He also discussed his 2 KW Balun failure and the connector problem of using the balun with his G5RV antenna with high power.    Carl, W9BJ, discussed a renovated Keithley 503 MilliOhm meter for measuring Ohmic values close to zero.  He also mention an article in QEX about Controlled Envelope SSB that has increased average transmitter power of 2.5 dB over state of the art rigs.   It is available only in the Flex Series of Transceivers.    Brett, K9BY, discussed a valuable electronic data application for his Android phone.   
Announcements:  Our next meeting is Monday, Febuary 1st, 2016. 
Final: The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.
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