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GBARC Meeting Minutes June 2015

Meeting Date: 
June 1, 2015
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
Vice President Dave, N9GQ, called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.   Attendance was 18.  Introductions were made.  The question of the evening was about summer plans; relax, "make it through", antenna work,and fix the station.   Minutes of the May meeting were presented and corrected.    Al, KC9QQO, gave the Treasurers report.
Old Business:  Dave, N9GQ, commented that our club President, Brett, K9BY, is in Brazil.   Dave presented Conrad, W9DL, with a framed Certificate of Appreciation and a Life Membersip in BARC.  Conrad also received a Sound Concentrator, (a hose and funnel), like an old fashioned ear horn.  Luci Cramer, N9FYT, baked chocolate chip cookies for the occasion.  We wished Conrad well in his new home as he moves to Muskego, WI.
Preparations for the 2015 Field Day, June 27-28th, were discussed by Doug, W9PN.    More operators and volunteers are needed, especially for the Friday evening set-up and the Sunday afternoon take-down.  A new ham operator, Steve, KD9CIX, will be helping out.  He will be using a TenTec Eagle on 10 and 20 meters.   Our antenna plans include a 40 dipole or vertical, A G5RV dipole, and a 20 Meter Yagi beam, and possibly others.  See 2015 Field Day notes elsewhere on this website.
Doug, W9PN, discussed his plans for designing and constructing a 40 meter beam.   The beam would be a two element Yagi, with shortened elements and a T-match.  It would have a 24-26 foot boom; one driven element and one reflector.  He also discussed how it could be installed at the Field Day site.  At least 4 people will be needed to position the antenna.
New Business:  Al, KC9QQO, discussed the 2015 Tub Run to be held on Saturday, June 20.  More information will follow by email.  We normally need about 15+ volunteers.
Raffle:  A 50-50 Raffle was held.  The winners were Dave, N9JDQ, who selected a Digital Multimeter, Mark, KD9BSA, who took cash, and Carl, W9BJ, who won an ARRL 2011 Handbook.
Program:  Dave, N9GQ, presented and demonstrated his hardware and software combination:  A Poor Hams Scalar Network Analyzer (P.H.S.N.A.).   This is being discussed on Yahoo.  It is a sophisticated measurement device, and commercial versions cost 10's of thousands of dollars.  This unit is less precise and versatile but still is valuable as a "Two-Port Analyzer".   It works well analyzing filters like Band-Pass, Crystal, and others.     Dave showed how to analyze a 20 meter Band-Pass filter.  It is composed of a RF signal generator (an AD9850, $6 from China), 1-30 MHz with resolution to one Hertz, an Arduino UNO microprocessor, and a power meter with a AD8307 chip. (-80 -- +7 dBM)   It uses a USB to PC connection.   It sweeps an RF signal through a Device Under Test (DUT) and reads and plots the RF output. 
Announcements:   Dave described some equipment available from a deceased ham's estate:  a Yaesu FT-7900R duobander, a 13.8VDC 23Amp switching power supply, and a consumer portable receiver-scanner S350DL.  Prices negotiable. 
Final:  Our next meeting will be Monday, September 14, 2015.    Bring a guest!    Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.
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