GBARC Meeting Minutes June 2017

Meeting Date: 
June 5, 2017
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
Present: 16
Brett K9BY – President     Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President     Dean K9FLO – Secretary
Greg K9GJN – Treasure    Chuck WD9BB - Director
Dean reviewed the minutes of the May 1, 2017 meeting and the membership approved as read.
Treasurer Report: Greg: just received the treasurer’s book, and will be preparing a complete report at the next meeting. Greg K9GJN informed the membership that Dean K9FLO will be able to sign club checks.
Old Business:
Brett inquired on what were our field day expenses for last year?  Greg and Al thought it was about $250-$300.
Brett reminded everyone the club will be assisting the Pie-Bike Ride event which is sponsored by the Janesville Morning Rotary club. It will be starting at the Janesville Lion’s Beach Park, on June 17, starting at 6AM. We will be using 146.715 repeater and we need volunteers.  Al-KC9QQO is the coordinator.
New Business
There was lengthy planning discussion on the upcoming Field Day (June 24-25).
Re-verify the availability of the fire dept. training sight.
What is needed to re-establishing the ground system at the site?
Pick up the equipment tables from provider.
Contact local media about the event and encourage visitors.
Friday: Meet at 5pm.
Set-up two (Buck master) OCF dipoles: one North/South, one East/West.
Set-up two HF Beams (10m, 15m)
Set-up one Hex Beam
Possibly 6m, 2m & 70cm beams
Make sure all operators are aware of air schedule.
Saturday: Meet 8am:
Set-up the tables and Canopy to cover the equipment tables.  Set-up & test Radio Equipment.   Finish any changes.
Saturday: 1pm start Field Day 2017!
Make sure bug free, sun screen, refreshments and food is on site.
Sunday: after 1pm
Close down and complete paper work (PC) if needed.
More New Business
Carl Inquired on the availability of License training classes locally? None at this time but if there was enough demand we could set a class. It was also suggested to check on the internet at the ARRL site.
Brett suggested we send an appreciation gift to the Beloit FD and Janesville FD for the use of their facilities. The membership agreed, the board will check into.
Dean brought up if we should have liability insurance during Field Day event. The Board will check on this for next year.
Dan K9IBM brought a concern about a local Janesville Ham who had received a local antenna violation notice. There was a discussion on antenna structure guidelines.
Brett brought up an idea of having a membership Picnic and or Picnic/auction. Brett will check on location.
Next Meeting Will Be July 10 th       Recording Secretary: Dean K9FLO 
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