GBARC Meeting Minutes June 2023

Meeting Date: 
June 5, 2023
Meeting Location: 
Beloit Public Library 605 Eclipse Blvd., Beloit, Wisconsin 53511

Virtual Presence: 5, In-person: 7

Brett K9BY – President

 Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President

Dean K9FLO – Secretary

Greg K9GJN – Treasure

Chuck WD9BB – Officer

Secretary Report:

Dean-K9FLO read the minutes from our May 1, 2023, meeting.      Recommended for Approval by Greg-k9gjn, seconded by Chuck-wd9bb.          

Treasurer Report:  Greg-k9gjn reviewed the status of the Club funds including club ARRL insurance.   Renewal of our Wisconsin state license ($10), a motion to pay the fee by Greg-k9gjn seconded by Brian-kd9qvb will be paid this month.     A motion to approve the treasurer report by Chuck-wd9bb and seconded Lyndon-wa9jld.      Chuck-wd9bb reminded everyone that Bob-w9ewz is donating $100 to the Field Day gas fund.     

Old Business:    

Chuck-wd9bb the gifts for the Foxhunt which Brett-k9by provided for the first place: RTL SDR dongle kit, second and third place received full Baofeng HT kit.    Thank You Brett-k9by from the club!    Brett-k9by did anybody go to Dayton Hamfest?    Lyndon-wa9jld went this year and said it was very well attended (most seen in years), many new equipment dealers/vendors and all the major manufactures with lots of inventory also very good prices.       The flea-market area and parking were full.       Brett-k9by commits on the Foxhunt:  Dave-ak9f (the winner) it was too easy.   Brett-k9by the next Foxhunt will be more challenging, but we had to be easy on our new hunters.    We will be having a Foxhunt next Saturday after Breakfast and it will be a little more challenging.     We are planning on continuing through the summer.    August 7 meeting date need to check with Library on meeting room and maybe about going back to Winter months video meetings.    Field Day what can we do for meals/snacks?      Brett-k9by make a pork roast for sandwiches, we will still do a Saturday night meal.  More to follow on June 21 Wednesday Meet-me Net.       Bob-w9ewz will be providing an Icom 7300 (CW) for Field Day, thanks Bob.     Brett-k9by: Greg-k9gjn will bring ft991(Dig), 35A PS and the club 50A PS, Dean-k9flo bring his ft991(SSB).       Brett-k9by bring 6m and TS-2000 for Satellite, circular-polarized antenna for Saturday.      Antennas: 2-OCF, 3 towers, 1-10-30 beam, Hex-Beam, 6m beam.       Brian what we need for promotion points: social post before event more than one post, media info to a local radio, print or TV.     Start setup Friday 5pm, Saturday 8am.     Make an inventory sheet.      Greg-k9gjn will bring paper plates, forks, knives napkins.      Dean-k9flo gave an update acquiring a club badge which would be from $7.50-10.00 with our choice what to put on the badge.     Discussed the need for badges and the different types.     We decided to check into more options, Dean-k9flo will follow up.

 New Business  


  Meeting to adjourned at 7:50: pm.

Motion to adjourn by Brett-k9by seconded by Greg-k9gjn.

Program:  Brett did a presentation on the new N3FJP Field Day logging program.

Next Meeting will be August 7, 2023. 

Secretary: Dean-K9FLO


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