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GBARC Meeting Minutes May 2014

Meeting Date: 
May 5, 2014
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President, Brett Johnson, K9BY, called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.   Attendance was 17.  Introductions were made.  Question of the evening:  " What are you planning to accomplish this Spring and Summer?"  Answers:  repair equipment, adjust antennas, fix rotors,and improve operating skills.   The Minutes of the April 7th meeting were presented and corrected.   Al, KC9QQO, gave the Treasurer's report.
Old Business:  Doug, W9PN, announced that in working with his new Chinese handietalkie, he was quickly able to erase all his programmed frequencies and return ON the Chinese language.  He has been able to finally switch back to English.  Brett, K9BY, encouraged club members to check the club's Yahoo Group information.
New Business: Brett, K9BY, discussed plans for our Field Day, FD, activity at the Janesville Fire Training Facility in North Janesville.   The Field Day Site Manager/Officer will be Greg, K9GJN.    We are planning to enter the emergency preparedness exercise as W9PN in category 3A; three simultaneous stations using emergency power. 
Brett, K9BY, will be the GOTA Station Officer, and Message Officer.  Our Logging Officer and Our Safety Officer will be Al, KC9QQO; He also will be the Satellite Officer and Public Information Officer.  Lyndon, WA9JLD,will be our Emergency Power Officer.    Field Day Data Submission Officers will be Brett, K9BY and Al, KC9QQO.   Carl, W9BJ, will be the Food Officer.   We have tentative Band Captains:  Station One, Bret, K9BY, and Greg, K9GJN using 20 and 40 meters; Station Two, Doug, W9PN, 40 and 15 meters; and Station Three, Carl, W9BJ, 80 and 10 meters.  These positions are subject to change but will finalized at the June 2nd club meeting.   Helpful additional operators are valuable.   The FD site will be examined before June 2nd.
Carl, W9BJ, presented a program about reducing interference and harmonics.  He described using 1/4 wavelength coaxial cable or stubs.   He then showed some pictures and diagrams of bandpass filters.  They are very effective at both harmonic attenuation and phase noise of transmitters that can only be filter at the transmitter.  He made a motion for the club to purchase five, (80 - 10,) of the best filters for use with our Field Day stations.  The motion was amended and passed to purchase two filter.  These filters should eliminate or reduce interstation interference on Field Day. 
Activities:  Chuck, WD9BB, discussed and showed his home-brew dual meter SWR Bridge with a black wrinkle finish.  He also discussed the installation of a Heat Pump for his house and radio shack.  It provides improved heating and cooling, and lessens his dependency on Propane fuel.  A Dutch Auction was held for some donated equipment to the club.  $25 for miscellaneous parts.  Also, a 50-50 Raffle was held and Norm, KC9RGG, won $26.00.  He graciously donated the winnings to the club treasury.  A wireless router was won by Dave, KA9SFT.  
Final:  The club meeting adjourned at 9:02 pm.   Our next club meeting is on June 2nd.
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