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GBARC Meeting Minutes May 2017

Meeting Date: 
May 1, 2017
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
Brett K9BY introduced the new 2017 Board Members:
Brett K9BY – President     Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President      Dean K9FLO – Secretary
Greg K9GJN – Treasure    Chuck WD9BB - Director
Brett thanked Carl W9BJ for all his time and effort as Secretary. Brett also thanked AL KC9QQO for being treasurer.
Greg: no treasurer’s report due to Al’s absence.
Brett and the Board decided to have a second Board member (Dean K9FLO) to be able sign checks for the treasurer.
Continue to have members review the on-line posted minutes and if there are any changes or corrections, notify the Secretary or wait till the next meeting.
The Secretary read the April 3 minutes due to a PC display issues. A motion to approve: Dan K9IBM and Bob W9EWZ second
Old Business:
The new Board had a meeting and the new officer’s positions were decided: Brett K9BY- President, Lyndon WA9JLD - Vice President, Dean K9FLO - Secretary, Greg K9GJN- Treasurer. We had discussions on how to grow the membership, incentives and having another auction.
Brett brought up to the membership about having another auction and how to have a wider draw. It was brought up to have food and or a picnic with the auction. Check into having a special events station at the auction.
Brett we are looking for more input from our members for program presentations.
Brett we are looking to redo the Web site and update the info and technology.
New Business
Dan is looking to see if anyone interested in going to K9CT contest station (Peoria). A discussion on going on other trips (Washington Island).
Field day: 6/23-25. What we need to do for preparation, a discussion followed on antennas: OCF dipoles, Hex-beam, radios (HF, VHF/UHF), mounting, grounding and operating frequencies. Next month meeting will detail event.
Presentation: We had Dennis Rybicke K9LGU ARRL Section Traffic Manager do an excellent presentation on ARRL Traffic handling procedures. He discussed the ARRL traffic handling, the messaging system. Dennis provided ARRL forms, how to populate and when to use and delivery.
Meeting adjourned 8:50.
Dean K9FLO Recording Secretary 
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