GBARC Meeting Minutes May 2019

Meeting Date: 
May 6, 2019
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.

Present: 13

Brett K9BY – President

Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President

Dean K9FLO – Secretary

Greg K9GJN – Treasure

Chuck WD9BB – Officer

An introduction of everyone present was done.    

Secretary Report:

Dean-K9FLO reviewed the minutes from the April 1, 2019 meeting,   Recommended for Approval by Chuck-wd9bb seconded by Lyndon-wa9jld approved as read.

Treasurer Report:

Greg-K9GJN gave the treasure report.   Greg-k9gjn paid our incorporation fees for Wisconsin and our annual ARRL Club insurance.     Motion to approve Treasurers report by Chuck-wd9bb and seconded by Carl-w9bj. 

Old Business:   

Pie Ride: Jared from Janesville Rotary provided us the Pie ride changes, new routes, and his appreciation of the GBARC providing the communication needs.    Jared said all the club participates would receive food, T-shirt, and a real pie (cherry, blueberry, apple) Starts 6:30am.    Brett-k9by recommended we try to have Hams ride with Pie drivers and or use their own vehicles.    Brett-k9by: will try to set up APRS to provide locations.     Next meeting we have a sign-in sheet for Pie ride volunteers.   Jared suggested the club participates might want to do shifts.    Chuck-wd9bb recommends having water in each vehicle.   Brett-k9by suggested having more bike carriers available on the routes.   Brett-k9by: Club logo,  Ed-kb9nbp needed a clarification on the logo design.    We had a general discussion on the some changes to the logo (color, shape) and everyone agreed with the designs and changes.     Brett-k9by and Ed-kb9nbp will pursue the art work changes.     Dave-ak9f:  what is the status on the club call sign?    Brett-k9by and Greg-k9jgn, do to time constraints have not been able actively pursue the search for a new club call.    Greg-k9gjn reminded to everyone that all members can be looking for a new (short) club call sign and contact the board if you find one.

  New Business

Dave-ak9f The Boy Scotts is holding a local jamboree the last weekend in September they would like a ham radio demonstration Saturday afternoon (Tefler Park).     Brett-k9by we will need station radio, antenna, later into the summer.      Brett-k9by: 2019 Field day, we are planning on have three stations: Phone, CW, FT8 with 6m and an earth satellite station.     Brett-k9by talked about building AZ/EL rotor using 3D printer, servos, control and software.    Dean-k9flo talked about trailer for sale near S&H nursey for-sale.     Brett-k9by talked about the table needs 4-6’ tables.   Greg-k9gjn offered the use of his FT-991 for FT8, Brett-k9by bring TS-2000.   Antennas 2-OCF dipoles (20m,40m,80m), 20m hex, 10-15m beam, 6m beam.     Need a logger at each station.     Brett-k9by talked about the Tiny-Tracker, packages, use, capabilities and prices.

Dean-k9flo handed out the new phonic words.

    Announcements:   None


Motion to adjourn: Bob-w9ewz and was seconded by Chuck-wd9bb.




 Next Meeting will be  June 3, 2019!  

Secretary: Dean-K9FLO

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