GBARC Meeting Minutes May 2023

Meeting Date: 
May 1, 2023
Meeting Location: 
Beloit Public Library 605 Eclipse Blvd., Beloit, Wisconsin 53511

Date: May 1, 2023

Virtual Presence: 4, In-person: 9

Brett K9BY – President

 Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President

Dean K9FLO – Secretary

Greg K9GJN – Treasure

Chuck WD9BB – Officer

Secretary Report:

Dean-K9FLO read the minutes from our April 3, 2023, meeting.      Recommended for Approval by Chuck-wd9bb, also commended Dean-k9flo on the Secretary’s report quality, and seconded byDennis-kd9qgh.          

Treasurer Report:  Greg-k9gjn reviewed the status of the Club funds and additional Hamfest funds from the sale of equipment donated by Dick Hamlett-wd9acy’s son in law.     Received a bill for the renewal of our Wisconsin state license, will be paid this month.         We have club insurance due May 31,2023, will work with Dean-k9flo to get that renewed.       A motion to approve the treasurer report by Chuck-wd9bb and seconded Brett-k9by.

Old Business:         

Brett-k9by Anybody going to Hamvention?   Lyndon-wa9jld will be going.     Chuck-wd9bb we will be having the Foxhunt in two weeks (May 13th) after Breakfast at Denny’s.    Brett-k9by will bring gift cards and we discussed some of the low costs HT’s.     Greg-k9gjn made a motion to buy three $10 gift cards for winners, Dennis-kd9qgh seconded and all members present approved the motion.

New Business  

Brett-k9by the ARRL is offering a discount if you renew through your local club.    The local club would receive $5 per member and $15 for new members, this is for doing their ARRL paperwork.     The ARRL is doing this on-line survey, and one of the questions is increasing the annual dues.     Please do the ARRL survey.      We have been asked to help with doing Pie-ride again, Danell-n9sol on behalf of RACES will be providing about eight people participating.     Brett-k9by reviewed last year’s involvement and the use of commercial radios.      Brett-k9by discussed the issues with Danell-n9sol and we would be there to provide any additional assistance.     There was a discussion on what we could do differently, Brett-k9by will get back to Denell-n9sol and have RACES be in-control.        Field-Day 2023:   Antennas 50’ tower hex 6m beam, triplexer for 10-15-20, 2-30’ towers one on the south end and north fire building for the two OCF.     Discussed a 10m vertical and decided not to.      Power using our 20kw genset, and battery power.     Discussed the use of our (club) 20k genset, or 2-smaller gensets with paralleling capabilities (which would require multiple shutdowns for refueling) and battery/solar sources.      Bob-w9ewz has offered and we accepted a $100 to the Field Day fuel fund: Thank-you Bob-w9ewz!!   We discussed the equipment needs: power supplies, computers, stations and will probably use our normal genset power.    Dennis-kd9qgh will check into the feasibility of alternative power sources.   Brett-k9by we should bring some ac power meters to check our equipment power usage and ammeters.     Kurt-ke9n offered the use of his Genset.    We will stay in class 3A.  We will finalize the Field Day setup at next month’s meeting.       We have new/ changes sections for Canada: NB-New Brunswick, no maritime section, GH-Golden Horseshoe, and TER.     Brett-k9by will e-mail the info.     Do: Logging training.     Bonus points: Emergency power (100 x stations), Media Publicity (100), Satellite QSO (100), Public location-forfeit (Discuss alternate location but noise becomes an issue), Public information table, points for section mgr, Message handing, alternative power, GOTA: solar, single radio, 5-contacts (100), w1aw bulletin (100), Educational bonus (100), location entrance signage, Site Visitation by elected gov. official, site visit by local agency Red cross, salvation army.     Two safety officials       Food: Greg-k9gjn maybe pick-up Subs, pizza, or grilling.     New rules for 2023: contacts must be confirmed in both directions (ft-8 & FT-4) and fully automated is prohibited.    Power output Max of 500 Watts PEP for A,B,C and 100w pep for D,E,F.    GOTA station contacts, regardless of mode, are all worth 5 points each.      Ed-kb9nbp inquired about having club badge from our club logo, Dean-k9flo will check on.       Chuck-wd9bb inquiring on how to heat his garage, many ideas, but.


  Meeting to adjourned at 8:15: pm.

Motion to adjourn by Dennis-kd9qgh seconded by Greg-k9gjn.

Program:  none

Next Meeting will be June 5, 2022. 

Secretary: Dean-K9FLO


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