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GBARC Meeting Minutes November 2012

Meeting Date: 
November 5, 2012
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President Chuck, WD9BB , called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Visitors were welcomed.  Attendance:  24.  Introductions were made.   The Question of the Evening was about Ham Test Equipment; some had none, most had some items, and some had too much.
Secretary Carl, W9BJ, read the Minutes of the October meeting; they were corrected and approved. 
Treasurer Al, KC9QQO , presented his Report; it was approved. The Club Auction last month of items enriched our treasury. Rock County Repeater Association could use some funds. This will be considered.
Old Business:   Al, KC9QQO, announced that new club business cards to promote the club have arrived.   He revised the cards, had them printed and he distributed them. 
Doug, W9PN, presented updated club bylaws.  These will be posted on the Club Web Site for all to study. They will be discussed at the December meeting.
Kim, N9UBJ, discussed his trip to Minneapolis for the HandiHams camp, Camp Courage . Some photos were shown. More will be shown at our next meeting.
New Business:   Al, KC9QQO, reminded us about our club project building kits of PSK31 transceiver. He then purposed a new building project for club members. The Softrock RXTX Ensemble Software Defined Radio transceiver from was recommended. The kits cost $89, plus postage. After discussion, the motion passed. When we order in quantity, we get a $10 discount. About 15 people agreed to order a kit. Al will order the kits when he gets the deposits. Send you check for a $50 down payment to our Treasurer: Al Homan, 1019 Hawthorne Ave., Janesville, WI 53545. Final payment is due when the kits are delivered. The XCVR uses a PC computer for display and control. Free public domain software is available. It was mentioned that Midnight Engineering has a unit that allows operation without a separate computer.
Field Day result are available in Dec. QST. Early reports say that our club did very well; among the best in Wisconsin.
Program: Show and Tell! The following participated:
KC9QQO, Al , discussed his new oriental multiband handitalkie available at a bargain price.
W9PN, Doug , showed his TenTec RX320 receiver, an SDR unit, TenTec Orion RCVR upgrade, Elecraft KX3 kit XCVR, and his ARRL Award for DXCC 5 Bands.
K9GJN, Greg , showed his Motorola GP380 handitalkie, 255 channel, commercial quality, rugged and dependable.
K9BNR, Bob and N9QG, Ed, discussed Mars operation on military frequencies using MP63 and Encryption. Just a reminder that “secret codes” are not legal on amateur frequencies.
W9DL, Conrad, showed his new Apple iPad with internet access.  He likes QRZ, QTH; he also has QST magazines accessable.  He said the iPad was great fun and easy to use.
W9BJ, Carl showed an old resistance standard and a resistance bridge for low Ohmic resistors.  He showed QEX that detailed a nice analog Linear Lo-Ohmmeter to build.
KC9TRC, Calvin, discussed his Yaesu FT 270 XCVR.
K9BY, Brett, discussed radio direction finding, his DB22S unit and RDF antennas.
N9GQ, Dave, showed his Yaesu 817 XCVR and his “monster” telescoping antenna.
WD9BB, Chuck, showed his electric Wire Wrap tool. He had the special wire and WW sockets to match. In his “past life”, Chuck was a Master Wrapper! making commercial PC boards for his company in Janesville.
Closure: Our next meeting is December 5 th . The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm. 
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