GBARC Meeting Minutes November 2018

Meeting Date: 
November 5, 2018
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.

Present: 12

Brett K9BY – President

Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President

Dean K9FLO – Secretary

Greg K9GJN – Treasure

Chuck WD9BB – Officer

An introduction of everyone present was done.    

Secretary Report:

Dean-K9FLO reviewed the minutes from the October 1, meeting,   Recommended for Approval by Carl-w9bj seconded by Chuck-wd9bb and the membership approved as read.

Treasurer Report:

Greg-K9GJN gave the current treasurer’s report.    Motion to approve Treasurer Report by Chuck-wd9bb and seconded by Lyndon-wa9jld.        

Old Business:   

We received our new club call sign “KD9LWF”.    A discussion on should we pursue a vanity call sign instead of our current call sign.     Recommend we pursue a 1x2 or 2x1 call sign.   If anyone has any ideas please Email to Dean-k9flo.

New Business

Winter Field is coming January 26-27, 2019.   We will be using Chuck-wd9bb shop at his QTH.     Will be using the dipoles, and will Consider using emergency power for more points.    We will meet at Denny’s 8:00AM for Breakfast and Winter Field Day planning.       Brett-k9by is looking for ideas on how to improve the 2019 Janesville Pie-ride.    A discussion on what to change and improve.    It was recommended they add more vehicles, having more Ham riders and or their people become Hams.   Also using APRS for live map coverage and better aid.     Brett-k9by received a letter from Bob Burk about installing a new Ham station, but it did not indicate if he was a licensed ham, Brett-k9by will follow up if needed.   Schedule: will have meetings 12/3/2018, 1/7/2019 with option to cancel meeting if weather demands.  

Announcements:     none

Motion to adjourn: Lyndon-wa9jld seconded by Carl-w9bj


Brett gave a very informative presentation on computer security: internet and login securities.

1. Don’t use admin level account for day to day.   Keep Windows updated.

2.Use a Anti Virus / Anti Malware program (windows)

3. Know your software an dialog prompts.

4. Only use these if needed: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, if not uninstall.

5. Keep browsers updated, avoid IE when possible.

6. Use good search engine: Best, OK, Bad             

7. Use a password manager:,

8. Email phishing: watch the senders address (strange spelling, characters, foreign counties), money scams.    Do not open it if you do not recognize or are uncomfortable about opening.  

Thanks Brett for a great presentation.   I hope I presented all the important highlights.  

Next Meeting will be  December 3, 2018!

Secretary: Dean-K9FLO

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