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GBARC Meeting Minutes November 2020

Meeting Date: 
November 2, 2020
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.

Video Conference Meeting!

Virtual Presence: 10

Row call:

Brett K9BY – President

Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President

Dean K9FLO – Secretary

Greg K9GJN – Treasure

Chuck WD9BB – Officer

Secretary Report:

Dean-K9FLO reviewed the minutes from the October 5, 2020 meeting on the web.          Recommended for Approval by Greg-k9gjn and seconded by Lyndon-wa9jld.

Treasurer Report:

Greg-K9GJN presented the Treasurers report.      Greg-k9gjn informs us the Banking issues have been resolved.      No treasurer activity this month.    Greg-k9gjn will issue a check to Brett-k9by for his monies used to reserve table at the cancelled Jefferson ham-fest.      Brett-k9by requested the monies be put towards next year’s dues, everyone agreed.      Recommended for approval by Chuck-wd9bb and seconded by Dean-k9flo.

Old Business:        

Brett-k9by, Pie Ride: those that participated was greatly appreciated.     The Rotary (Jered) reached out me and gave me a Pie Ride shirt.    Jerod asked us if we could help next year and he said he would provide T-shirts for all the participants.     Greg-k9gjn suggested they provide flags for the vehicles and Pie Ride shirts in advance of the event.     Brett-k9by will contact Jerod about Greg-k9gjn’s recommendation.     The 2021 Pie Ride will be held on Father’s Day.    Next year we are promised Pies.

New Business:     

Chuck-wd9bb suggested we have a Fox Hunt in the near future.     Brett-k9by thought it was a good idea.     Brett-k9by looking for participants.     Chuck-wd9bb offered and is looking for any of the newer hams to ride with.     There were to additional volunteers (sorry I did not recognize the voices)     Lets plan on having the Fox Hunt on November 14, 2020 9:00AM.       We will bring it up on the up-coming nets and video nets.

Kurt-ke9n gave us an update on his accident condition.    Kurt-ke9n told us about setting his ham station for completely remote station operation.    Brett-k9by suggested Kurt-ke9n remote station setup would make a great presentation.  

Meeting adjourned at 7:44 pm Carl-w9bj seconded Dave-ak9f

Program:  none

Next Meeting will be December 7, 2020! 

Secretary: Dean-K9FLO

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