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GBARC Meeting Minutes September 2014

Meeting Date: 
September 8, 2014
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President, Brett Johnson, K9BY, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.   Attendance was 20.  Introductions were made.  Later in the meeting, Mark Venable, KD9BSA was introduced as a new ham.   The Secretary report for the June meeting was given by Carl, W9BJ.  The Treasurers report was given by Al, KC9QQO.  Both reports were accepted.
Announcements:  President Brett, K9BY, discussed the Hamfest in Belvidere, Illinois on Saturday, September 13th.   This is an annual affair sponsored by the Chicago FM Club.  $10 at the door.  An early start at 6:00 am is for the tail-gate sales and 8:00 am for the activities in the buildings.   Also, information was given for the Hamfest at Peoria, Illinois on Saturday, September 20.    Doug, W9PN, discussed the W9DX Hamfest in the Chicago area on Friday-Saturday, September 19-20.  It features DX presentations only.
Old Business:   Conrad, W9DL, shared a photo series showing the improvements of the Clinton repeater.  This amounted to new antennas and a 220 MHz beacon.  5 or 6 hams worked on the all-day improvements.  Details are on this web site under Rock County Repeaters.  Carl, W9BJ, showed photos and video clips of the June Tub Run charity event where our club provided communications as a public service activity.  June Field Day club photos taken by Bob, K9BNR, were shown and Doug, W9PN led a discussion of opinions of the event.   The activity was considered very positive for those that participated. The club used band-pass filters for the first time with great success; they were on dispay at the club meeting.   Carl, W9BJ, showed photos and video clips of the September 6th BARC Fox Hunt held in Janesville.  The winner was Brett, K9BY, with a sophisticated doppler 2 Meter collection of gear.  Second place went to Norm, KC9RGG, who used his 3-element Yagi beam home-brewed from yellow tape measure stock.  A good time was had by all.
New Business:  Brett, K9BY, discussed our club web site,   Brett has plans to host the web site on his server rather than using our present company, Go Daddy.   He would change both the hosting and domain registration for the club.  Plans are to rewrite our web site using new, second generation software, web 2.0.  The users of our web site will experience easier operation and better information presentations.  The timeline for implementing the changes is near the end of this year.    Brett, K9BY also briefly discussed the Special Event Station we hope to have to celebrate 50 years of BARC.  We could tie the event to other activities like the County 4-H Fair, the Beloit Film Festival, Beloit RiverFest, or similar activity.  More planning is needed.  Al, KC9QQO, announced that the Rock County ARES/RACES participation in the annual, national Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will happen Saturday, October 4th, from 9:00am to 12 noon.  It will be centered at the Rock County Office of Emergency Management.  Sargent Sheena Koehler is our county Coordinator.    This year, we will try for some communications with other county SET programs.   
A brief discussion was held about a $200,000 system for locating gun shots in Beloit.  The city didn't want to pay the $40,000 yearly maintenance contract, preferring to do any repairs themselves.  Well, the system is now non-functional.  Can we help?
Program:  Dave, N9GQ, asked the Question of the Evening:  What did you do during summer vacation?   Some hams worked on antennas and some had acquired new equipment.  Some wished that they had done more improvements. 
A 50/50 Raffle was held; it was won by Bob, K9BNR, who donated the $22 pot to the club treasury. 
Final:  Brett, K9BY, announced the next meeting will be October 6th.  The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.
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