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GBARC Meeting Minutes September 2016

Meeting Date: 
September 12, 2016
Meeting Location: 
Main Fire Station, 1111 Church St., Beloit, WI.
President Brett-K9BY, called the meeting to order at 7:04pm.    Attendance was 19.   Introductions were made.   The question of the evening was:  What's new over the summer?   Most suggested little change.   Minutes of the June 6th, 2016 meeting were presented by Secretary, Carl-W9BJ.   Club Treasurer, Al-KC9QQO, presented theTreasurers Report.  
Old Business:  Brett-K9BY and Greg-K9GJN, reviewed our Field Day activity.  Details are shown on our BARC Website under Field Day.
The event went well with a good time for all.  Our point total was down from last year partly due to the loss of Doug-W9PN, a top operator.   Also, a significant amount of stormy weather was endured; much rain and lightning.  We lost about 300 Extra Bonus points through QRN, etc.    Antennas for our next Field Day were discussed.  An Off Center-Fed Dipole was recommended for purchase, likely, two units for about $150+ each.  The antenna measures125 feet with 90 and 35 foot sections.  This is a multibanded, 80-10 meters, but not 15 meters.  It includes a 6 to 1 Voltage Balun.   Brett also donated his 10-15 Meter Yagi Beam to the club.   
Al-KC9QQO discussed the June 18th, Pie Ride.  We provided communications for the first time.  It was a success with a number of club members participating on 440 MHz.  The repeater worked well.   This is good Public Service.  Al is the ARES Emergency Coordinator for Rock County Wisconsin.
New Business:  Bob-W9EWZ asked about renting a Bucket Lift unit to install an antenna on a tower.  A number of area companies have units available.
A discussion was held about the closing of AES-Milwaukee and the reopening as an expanded HRO Ham Store featuring the countries largest Ham display area.  President Brett-K9BY discussed the move of Dave Wendt-N9GQ to Kingston, Ontario, Canada.   David had lived in Janesville 32 years working as an electronics engineer in Madison, Wisconsin.  He served the club as Officer and Program Chairman.   It was proposed and passed that we purchase a plaque in appreciation to David for his leadership.  KC9QQP-Tom McDermott offered to obtain and pay for the plaque.   Chuck-WD9BB described how he had a visitor on the 20 meter Senile Network last week, Dave Wendt with a new Canadian call, VE3EAC.   Dave was in Kingston running a QRP rig with 15 Watts to a dipole antenna.  Dave always enjoyed the challenge of low power operation.
Brett-K9BY announced that the vacancy for Program Chairman needs to be filled.   We should have a suggestion box for ideas for new program ideas.  He also brought up for discussion about continuing club meetings in July and August; possibly we should have a club vacation in January and February.
Program:  Kevin-KC9PZI discussed his Big Ear Portable Dipole Antenna , MFJ-2289, $180.  This antenna has two 17 foot radiators; they cover 8 bands, 7.0 - 55.0 MHz.  Kevin mounted it on a16-20 foot mast and worked many stations including DX.  
Carl-W9BJ presented a new-old U.S. Navy GO-9, 1940 transmitter section.  It was designed for large Navy aircraft use.  It used three vacuum tubes for about 50 Watts Output on CW and Tone Modulated CW; old technology with high quality parts.   With renovation and a power Supply, it could live again.
Dan-K9IBM discussed his visit to the home of W9EBT on Washington Island, WI.  Dan says that he may have the largest collection of Amateur Radio Gear in the world.  A look at QRZ (W9EBT) web site will show his multiple rooms of ham gear.  He is planning to build a museum for the equipment.  He is age 84.
Announcements:  It was noted that Bill Schwebke has retired from Stateline Printing.   Our next meeting is Monday, October 3rd, 2016. 
Final: The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 pm.
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