Field Day 2010

June 26-27, 1:00 PM Saturday - 1 PM Sunday.   Early set-up Friday evening and Saturday morning.

BARC Field Day Co-Chairmen Greg Niles, N9GJN,  Al Homan, KC9QQO,  and Kevin Christ, KC9PZI "spear-headed" our efforts.

Electrical Power- Portable 117 VAC Gasoline Generator:   Lyndon, WA9JLD

Master Chefs:   Rich, KC9RTF and Jim, KA9VHG

Band Captains:   Carl, W9BJ - 80 & 40 Meters SSB,  Doug, W9PN - 20 Meters CW & SSB, 40 Meters CW,  Dave, N9GQ -15 Meters QRP, Al KC9QQO, Kevin, KC9PZI, Bob, N9HCN - 10 meters SSB,  Jim, KA9VHG  ???

Propagation:    Increased sun spot activity for the Field Day period inproved the MUF (Maximum Usuable Frequency) which allowed numerous contacts on 10 and 15 meters.    We had a nice article about our club Field Day in the Beloit Daily News.  We rated this Field Day as very successful.

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