Field Day 2011

June 25-26, 1:00 pm Saturday - 1 pm Sunday.

                        Early antenna set-up on Friday evening, 7 pm and Saturday Morning, 9 am.

                                                 Location:  Janesville Fire Department Fire Training Facility

                                                                                       Highways 51 & 14, County Road F, 3000 N. Parker Drive

Field Day Co-Chairmen:   K9GJN, Greg  and  KC9QQO, Al     Emergency Power, 117 V.A.C. 60 Hertz:  WA9JLD, Lyndon

We used the common call W9PN for most stations.   "Tenting Tonight" for those interested.

Computer logging was used to avoid duplicate contacts. 

Band Captains:    80-40-20-15-10-6, CW, Digital, SSB.

      W9PN, Doug:   20 meter CW & SSB, 3-element beam,  40 meter CW, vertical,  6-meter 4-element beam, coax fed.             

      W9BJ,  Carl:     80 meter SSB, 40 meter SSB.  All-Band doublet,  tuned balanced feed line.

      K9GJN, Greg; Al, KC9QQO; Kevin, KC9PZI:  All bands PSK-31 and 10 SSB

      N9GQ, Dave:    15 meter SSB

Many helpers and visitors were welcomed!       

"Chief Cook and Bottle Washer":   N9FYT, Luci   and friends served Sloppy Joe BarBQ sandwiches, beans, watermelon, chips, drinks, and bars

    for the Saturday evening meal.

A fun, good time was had by all!"

See you next year.

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