Field Day 2016

2016 June 24 (5:30-6:00pm set up) and June 25-26 Operate Field Day

Site Officer:  Greg Niles, K9GJN

Location:  Janesville Fire Training Facility, 3000 County F, North Janesville, WI

Station Call:  K9BY  (Brett Johnson)  

Operating Class:   3A   Three simultaneous stations, emergency power, and using a maximum of 150 Watts RF Output power.

GOTA Station:  No 

Band Captains :  80 Meters:       Carl, W9BJ                                   80 Meter Dipole

                              40 Meters:       Brett, K9BY    10 & 15 Meters   40 Meter Vertical

                              20 Meters:       Kevin, KC9PZI                            Hex Beam 20-6 Meters

Free Station:    6 / 2 Meters:       Brett, K9BY                                  Yagi Beams

ARRL Field Day Map Locator:    Al, KC9QQO

  Safety Officer, Logging, Satellite, Public Information Officer   Al Homan, KC9QQO

  Message and GOTA Officer----------------------------------------------    Brett Johnson, K9BY

  Emergency Power Officer-------------------------------------------------   Lyndon Opdyke, WA9JLD

  FD Data Submission Officer----------------------------------------------    Brett, K9BY

  Food Officers (Saturday 6:00 pm)---------------------------------------   Luci Cramer, N9FYT, and Linda & Dan Servais, K9IBM

Computer Interface:    Brett, K9BY, W3FJP Software (Updated), Ethernet Connection, Laptops.  

Improvements for 2016:   New Luxury Band Pass Filters are here for 80m, 40m, and 20m.   200 Watt

They offer increased power handling capability and superb adjacent ham band signal attenuation.

We have 5 Band Passer Filters for 80 - 10 Meters.   100 Watts

These filters reduce the phase noise of transmitters when operated in close proximity; also receiver de-sensing.

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