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Field Day 2018

TriPod 10-15 Mtr Yagi

ARRL Field Day 2018

Friday, June 22 5:00-8:00pm, we had Antenna Set up.   

Saturday Morning, June 23, 9 am Final Set Up of antennas, radio equipment and tents.

Field Day Operation was from Saturday 1:00pm through Sunday 1:00pm.

Location:  Janesville Fire Training Facility, 3000 County F, North Janesville, WI

Station Call:  K9BY  Extra Class Privileges (Station Call of Brett Johnson, BARC President) 

Operating Class:   3A   Three simultaneous stations, emergency power, and  a maximum of 150 Watts RF out.

(Normal operation:  one Operator and one Logging Person per station.)

Bands:  80 Meters:    Off-Center-Fed (OCF) 80 - 6 Meters (Not 15) 300 Watt rating

              40 Meters:      135 Feet (95' &45')  Seems to work best with internal Antenna Tuner Off.

              20 Meters:                                        Hex Beam 20 Meters

        15 & 10 Meters                                       Yagi Beam, 2 + 2 elements

Free Station:  6 Meters:                              Yagi Beam, 4 element

Communication Equipment: 

Transceiver Supplied By
ICOM IC-7300 Brett K9BY
Yaesu FT-991 Kevin KC9PZI
Icom IC-7600 Dan K9IBM
Yaesu FT-847 Brett K9BY

Modes:  Voice (SSB) and Morse Code (CW).

Safety Officer  -------------------------------------------------- Andy Jones KD9ESM

Emergency Power Officer ------------------------------------ Lyndon Opdyke-WA9JLD

FD Data Submission Officer --------------------------------- Brett Johnson-K9BY

Food Officers (Saturday Meal 6:00 pm) -------------------- Luci Cramer-N9FYT and Linda Servais, XYL of K9IBM

LED Flood Lights ---------------------------------------------- Dave Rounds-AK9F

Photographs compliments of Carl Cramer W9BJ.

Band Activity: 

                             80 Meters  209 contacts

                             40 Meters  469 contacts

                             20 Meters  374 contacts

                             15 Meters  267 contacts

                             10 Meters    60 contacts

                               6 Meters    54 contacts

A good time was had by all.

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