New DMR and analog repeaters on the air in Janesville

There are 2 new repeaters now on the air in Janesville. They are both located on the south side of the city.

First is the new DMR repeater on 440.78125 plus 5.00MHz offset (445.78125) color code 8 under the callsign KD9VBX.

The repeater is an open system with worldwide talk group 91 (half hour limit) on time slot #1 along with TG 3155 (Wisconsin statewide) also on TS1. TG 3155 is always available.

Time slot #2 has Chicagoland TG 3166 available. Other talk groups can be added upon request. Please email Chad at chad [dot] nelson71atcharter [dot] net.

Be advised that on time slot #1 or time slot #2 (TS1 or TS2) it is possible to use the repeater on its own around the area. Please use talk group (TG) 9. This talk group allows local use of the repeater without going out over the internet. Use of TG 9 is highly recommended for local communications via the repeater on its own.

The second repeater is analog on 440.950 + 5.00 MHz offset (445.950) under the callsign WI9HF, PL 123.0. This repeater is also open and offers an open echolink node. Simply key your radio and enter in the echolink node number.

Both repeaters have 15 to 20 miles coverage on a handheld (depending on terrain). Both systems cover Janesville 100% and all of Rock county. Signal reports would be appreciated.

System configurations:


Motorola XPR 8300 into a Motorola T1504 4 cavity band pass/reject duplexer with 125 feet of 1/2 inch Andrews hardline into a 10 foot tall, 6 bay DB 408 dipole array antenna at 60 feet.

The Analog system is a Motorola RKR 1225 running the same  configuration except the feedline is 7/8 inch hardline and the antenna is a 20 foot tall 8 bay DB408 dipole array at 80 feet.

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