Special Event W9B - Greater Beloit ARC 60 Years

The Beloit Amateur Radio Club began its existence around 1960 or 1961 in Beloit Wisconsin. A group of local hams started regular meetings  that were held monthly at various locations in the greater Beloit area such Beloit College and local banks. At one point in the late 1960's meetings were held at an old one room schoolhouse near Turtle Creek.Beloit ARC Club House 1965 - 1970

For the past 13 years the meetings were held at the main fire station in Beloit WI until covid 19 pandemic. In person meetings were halted and virtual meeting were held the first Monday of each month. Our club has maintained its membership at around twenty five active members from all walks of life and all skill levels of ham radio operators. We have many long time members ranging in age from their nineties to new operators in their twenties.

The Beloit Amateur Radio Club has hosted many field day events over the years with some very interesting stories and contacts made.

We still continue this annual tradition holding the event at the City Of Janesville Fire Training Center every June under our club presidents callsign of K9BY. Several club members helping setup a temporary tower for field day.50 foot tower with a 10/15/20 meter Hex Beam and 6 meter YagiField Day opertations, from near to far, Phone, Digital, CW and Satellite

In addition we hold monthly fox hunts during the warmer months and also participate in winter Field Day for the last several years.

The Beloit Amateur Radio Club also boast many past and current membes hosting the Senile Net every weekday morning from 8 AM to 9AM Central Time on 14.287 USB. In addition we host a monthly breakfast at the Denny's in South Beloit every second Saturday to promote fellowship in ham radio. In 2023 we decided to host a special event station to commemorate 60 years as an active radio club.

This special event station will run from February 14th 2024 until February 29 2024 on all amateur bands and modes that club members wish to operate at any time of the day or night.

The Beloit Amateur Radio Club's mission is as follows.

We strive to:

  • encourage interest in radio communications
  • improve proficiency in the art of amateur radio
  • aid in the education of interested persons the view of becoming licensed amateurs
  • improve relations between amateur radio operators and the general public.

We would like to thank you for working the special event station and recognizing our clubs history. 

To request a certficate click on the Request Certificate link on this page.

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